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Business Services

The Business Services department manages the financial processes and services of the District, including accounting, financial systems, budgeting, purchasing, grants, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll. 

Staff in Business Services collaborate with educational and operational departments as part of a District-wide team to ensure equitable outcomes for students through transparent stewardship of resources, collaboration and responsive customer service.

Financial Reporting

Annual Budgets and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
Annual District Budgets
District Financial Information


The annual budget process matches available financial, material, and human resources to educational programs and services for students.

Contact our Business Services department if you need more information.




Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

Business Services provides regular updates to the school board regarding the district’s financial position. Reports are also provided to the Oregon Department of Education and other agencies as required. An independent audit is conducted annually and published as the district’s  Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).

Contact our Business Services department if you need more information.

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Business Services Director
Andrea Belz
4640 Barger Drive
Eugene, Oregon 97402
541-689-3280 Ext. 2016


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Business Services Director

Andrea Belz
541-689-3280 Ext. 2016