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Navigating Homelessness

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Students who live in temporary housing due to economic hardship or a similar hardship have additional education rights under the McKinney-Vento Act (MVA). The MVA ensures that children and youth are provided a free, appropriate public education, despite lack of a fixed place of residence. Youth who are not living with a parent or legal guardian, including runaways, may also qualify for these services.

Examples of temporary housing:

  • Temporarily staying with friends or family
  • Living in a motel or shelter
  • Living in a camper, RV or car
  • Couch surfing
  • Unhoused
  • Staying in a structure not designed for long-term residency like a tent

What are your rights?

Student Rights under MVA include:
  1. Staying in school of origin for duration of homelessness or through the end of the school year during which you move into permanent housing
  2. Immediate enrollment in the neighborhood school where they are currently staying, even if lacking proof of residency, guardian signature, immunizations, or other relevant documents
  3. Assistance with transportation to school
  4. Free breakfast and lunch
  5. Full participation in all education programs for which they are otherwise eligible

How Can Bethel Help You?

Services for Students in Temporary Housing include:
  1. Enrollment assistance
  2. Transportation assistance to school of origin
  3. School supplies
  4. Help obtaining basic needs such as personal care items, clothing, food and medical care
  5. Referrals to local resources and programs
  6. A McKinney-Vento Liaison to help coordinate services to families and promote contact between family and school
  7. Assistance with a dispute resolution process

What do you have to do?

Responsibilities of Students and Parents?
  1. Regular school attendance
  2. Maintain contact with school personnel to ensure optimal progress, especially phone numbers and changes to mailing and physical address.


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