Talented and Gifted

The Bethel School District TAG program is designed to meet the educational needs of academically talented and intellectually gifted students in grades K-12 who are capable of performing at advanced levels and accelerated rates of learning.

The program supports the active partnership of teachers, parents and students working together to increase student achievement. The program meets the requirements for the State Mandate for Gifted Education, OAR 581-22-1310, 1320, & 1330.

TAG Contacts

Each school in the district has a TAG team of selected teachers and an administrator. This team is knowledgeable about TAG.

Parents who are interested or have questions about the program may call the school and ask to talk with someone on the building TAG team. Use the Schools menu above to access phone numbers for each school.

Parent Information

The State of Oregon passed the Talented and Gifted Education Act during the 1987 legislative session. The mandate is based on sound principles and research regarding the needs of talented and gifted students. It has required a dramatic shift in thinking for parents, educators, and students alike. The law speaks directly to assessing individual needs of students.

The regular classroom teacher has become the major player in providing appropriate services.  Any K-12 student can be referred for TAG identification by parents and teachers at the building level. Parents should contact the principal or the building TAG representative to begin the identification process.

Director of Teaching and Learning for Secondary

Kee Zublin
Email: kee.zublin@bethel.k12.or.us
541-689-3280 Ext. 2005

Director of Teaching and Learning for Elementary

Director of Teaching and Learning for Equity, Access & Inclusion

Tina Gutierez-Schmich
Email: tina.schmich@bethel.k12.or.us
541-689-3280 Ext. 2011