State testing will begin soon in Bethel and across the state. Students in grades 3-8 & 11 will test in math and English language arts, and students in grades 5, 8 & 11 will test in science. Most students participate in state testing, but parents have the right to opt their children out if they choose. Statewide testing windows are open from April 2 – June 14 for grades 3-8 and February 6 – June 14 for grade 11. Exact dates will be determined as we near the testing window.
Why does my child’s participation matter? 
While no single assessment can give a complete picture of your child’s progress, having your child take the statewide assessments provides educators and administrators with one source of information about what educational approaches are working and where additional resources may be needed. Your child’s participation is important to ensure schools and districts receive the targeted resources they need to help all students succeed.
To submit a form to opt your student out of testing for math and English language arts, please visit If you wish to exempt your student from the science assessment, please reach out to your school directly.

Opting Out of State Testing Forms
Spanish: "FORMULARIOS DE EXCLUSIÓN DE LAS PRUEBAS ESTATALES" Chinese (Simplified): "退出州级测试表格" Chinese (Traditional): "退出州級測試表格" Vietnamese: "BIỂU MẪU TỰ CHỌN KHÔNG THAM GIA KIỂM TRA CỦA TIỂU BANG" Russian: "ФОРМУЛЯР ДЛЯ ОТКАЗА ОТ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫХ ТЕСТОВ" German: "FORMULAR ZUR ABMELDUNG VON LANDESTESTS" Tagalog: "PORMULARYO PARA SA PAG-ATRAS MULA SA PAGTUTEST NG ESTADO" French: "FORMULAIRE DE DÉSINSCRIPTION DES TESTS D'ÉTAT" Japanese: "州のテストの選択肢フォーム" Arabic: "استمارة الاستبعاد من اختبارات الدولة" Korean: "주 가교 시험 폼 빼기" Chuukese:(Translation needed) Somali: "Foomka Ka Codsanaya Bixinta Imtixaanka Dawladda"
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Science and English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) 30 day Opt-out Form

Spanish: "Formulario de Exclusión de 30 Días para la Evaluación de Ciencias y Proficiencia en el Idioma Inglés (ELPA)" Chinese (Simplified): "科学和英语语言能力评估(ELPA)30天退出表格" Chinese (Traditional): "科學和英語語言能力評估(ELPA)30天退出表格" Vietnamese: "Biểu mẫu Lựa chọn Thoát khỏi Kỳ Đánh giá Khoa học và Khả năng Sử dụng Tiếng Anh (ELPA) trong vòng 30 ngày" Russian: "Форма отказа от участия в оценке научных знаний и оценке уровня владения английским языком (ELPA) в течение 30 дней" German: "Formular zur Abmeldung von der Bewertung in Naturwissenschaften und Englischkenntnissen (ELPA) für 30 Tage" Tagalog: "Pormularyo ng Pagsusuri at Pagsusuri ng Kakayahan sa Paggamit ng Wikang Ingles (ELPA) sa loob ng 30 araw" French: "Formulaire de Désinscription de l'Évaluation des Sciences et de la Maîtrise de l'Anglais (ELPA) de 30 jours" Japanese: "科学と英語言語能力評価(ELPA)30日間の選択解除フォーム" Arabic: "نموذج إلغاء الاشتراك في تقييم العلوم واحترافية اللغة الإنجليزية (ELPA) لمدة 30 يومًا" Korean: "과학 및 영어 언어 능력 평가 (ELPA) 30일 탈퇴 양식" Chuukese: Translation needed. Somali: "Foomka Xarigga 30 Maalmood ee Baaritaanka Cilmiga iyo Adeegsiga Luuqada Ingiriisiga (ELPA)"