Portrait of Kraig Sproles 2023

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Dr. Kraig Sproles


Dr. Kraig Sproles has served as the Bethel superintendent since Fall 2021. Prior to joining the Bethel community, Kraig served as an administrator and teacher in several Oregon school districts. He began his teaching career in Oregon as a middle school science/math teacher where he loved the energy and quirkiness of working with middle school students. He later served as a principal at three different elementary schools and eventually worked as the assistant superintendent in Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

Kraig is passionate about literacy and is proud that Bethel is working to ensure that every Bethel student learns to read and write at high levels so they can be agents of change in their own lives. Under his leadership, the district has adopted the Bethel Blueprint which challenges our school community to create relevant, responsive, and joyful school communities where all students thrive.

In his first few years as superintendent, Kraig has helped Bethel achieve the following:

  • Highest-ever district graduation rates, including a school record at Willamette High School which reached 91.5% in 2023
  • Increased focus on embedding equity and social justice throughout the organization
  • Strong mental health supports for students
  • Early literacy gains in all schools
  • Increased sense of belonging and engagement with middle school students

Throughout his experience in education, Kraig has sought to create flourishing school communities that are focused on equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students. Kraig received his Doctorate of Education from the University of Oregon in 2018 where he studied school conditions that encourage teachers and students to flourish by establishing strong relationships, finding their learning meaningful, and experiencing joy.