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Our Commitment

Bethel School District is committed to ensuring all students have access to high quality instruction responsive to their needs and delivered by effective and culturally responsive educators within the Least Restrictive Environment.

Special education services include individualized specially-designed instruction in academic skills, adaptive skills (e.g. self-help; self-advocacy, community, independent living), communication and language skills, motor skills, social skills, behavior and vocational skills. Parents are valued partners with students and school staff members in planning the student’s services through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) which is developed at least annually for each special education student, where goals and objectives (where appropriate) are written based upon formal and informal testing and on-going quantitative data.

Bethel School District will make every effort to provide accessibility to events, meetings, and programs to individuals with disabilities. Please contact the building principal where the activity is occurring or Brenda Martinek at 541-689-3280 Ext. 2030 to request special accommodations.

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Student Services Director

Brenda Martinek
Phone: 541-689-3280 Ext. 2030


Please contact us!

Assistant Student Services Director

Logan Grasseth
Phone: 541-689-3280 Ext. 2009