It is the mission of the Transportation Department to support the academic achievement of our students by providing safe, dependable, and efficient transportation.
We want our students’ ride to be part of a caring, positive educational experience. 


Bus Safety

School Board Policies and Rules

To learn more about Bethel School District policies and rules relating to our transportation system, please read these:

K-8 Bus Expectations

A Table explaining the behavior expectations of riding on the bus

First Student: School Routes Information

Bethel Transportation Director

Krista Larson
541-607-1499 Ext. 4176

Bethel Transportation Trainer

Elaine Doerr
541-461-6405 Ext. 4175

Bethel Transportation Router/Dispatcher

Ashleigh Barley
541-461-6405 Ext. 4139

Bethel Transportation Office Coordinator

Lindsay Calicott

541-461-6405 Ext. 4179