Health Services

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Our District Nurses

Bethel District Nurses are assigned to several schools and rotate to provide services. Their goal is to advocate for all children through school nursing services in order to maintain a healthy environment for Bethel students.

Our District Nurses:

  • are committed to educational excellence
  • improve the student experience through the management of health related challenges to promote optimal levels of wellness
  • actively seek to provide assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation or referral for students
  • serve as a direct link among physicians, families and community agencies to assure access and continuity of health care for students
  • provide relevant instruction, teaching and guidance to students, parents and staff concerning health related issues
  • work cooperatively with the Bethel Health Center to provide student health services as well as other community health resources to access care for students.
11Sherine Forrest

Sherine Forrest
541-607-1452 (office) 541-579-0866 (mobile)
11Allie Birchler

Allie Birchler
541-607.-465 (office) 541-434-3774 (mobile)
11Melissa Mugleston

Melissa Mugleston
541-607-1465 (office) 541-232-2313 (mobile)
11Becca Wallace

Becca Wallace
541-607-1471 (office) 503-409-4743 (mobile)