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Public Comments Process

The Bethel School Board encourages public input. There is a time for public comments scheduled near the beginning of each regular board meeting. Comments do not need to be related to items on the meeting agenda. Audience members who wish to speak must sign up before the meeting. To sign up for public comment, please complete this form by noon the day of the board meeting. Community members may also submit written comments via email to All meetings are on Mondays at 6:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Comments also may be sent to or mailed to Bethel School Board, 4640 Barger Drive, Eugene OR, 97402. For questions and information please call 541-689-3280.

Hard copies of all public board meeting documents from prior meetings are also kept on file at the district office, including public comments that are submitted online or in person. Members of the public can review the materials at the district office located at 4640 Barger Drive in Eugene.

Public Comment to the Board