January 28, 2022


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WHS Final Exam Schedule

The week of January 31st is the final week of the first semester. Below you will find a snapshot of what next week looks like, and the finals schedule (early release) that will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday. There is no school on Thursday or Friday. Second semester classes will start with an A-day schedule...
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National Assessment of Educational Progress

Estimados padres de Familia Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.   Hello Prairie Mountain Families, A number of our 8th graders have been chosen to participate in the National Assessment of Educational...
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Zoom PWA Issue

Update Zoom Chromebook App

If your child is unable to login to Zoom class today, please read this post to find out how to update the Chromebook Zoom app.
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Black History Month poster

Black History Month Resources

Here are some Black History Month Resources for teachers: https://www.learningforjustice.org/magazine/black-history-month-teaching-beyond-slavery https://www.learningforjustice.org/magazine/black-history-month-teaching-the-complete-history https://www.learningforjustice.org/the-moment/january-28-2019-teaching-black-history-month https://www.learningforjustice.org/the-moment/february-1-2018-teaching-black-history-month-hard-history-materials https://www.learningforjustice.org/the-moment/february-10-2020-black-history-month-celebrating-the-diversity-of-black-identity https://www.learningforjustice.org/the-moment/february-24-2020-black-history-month-honoring-the-history-of-black-civic-engagement
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