Business Services

Simon Levear
Simon Levear, Director of Business Services
Simon provides overall management of the Bethel School District business office. Simon develops Bethel’s annual budget and advises the superintendent and school board on financial issues. You can reach Simon at 541-689-3280, ext. 2016.
Bridget Wadsworth Bridget Wadsworth, Payroll Supervisor
Bridget is responsible for the Payroll function in the District, including administering and supervising the monthly, fiscal and annual payroll processes for all regular and substitute employees. She processes all time sheets and sub forms for those employees. If you have questions regarding your pay and/or items on your pay stub, contact Bridget if by email or at 541-607-1409.
Connie Quinn, Purchasing/Inventory
Connie processes purchase orders and is responsible for all Account Receivables including deposits and data entry.  She is the Budget Secretary and generates the minutes for the Budget Meetings during the budget process. Connie can be reached via email or at 541-689-3280, ext. 2014.

Linda Northrup, Accounts Payable
Linda is responsible for District Accounts Payable for the Bethel School District. She processes packing slips, invoices, check requests and reimbursements. If you have any questions regarding the payment status of an order or your reimbursement check, please feel free to contact her by email or at 541-607-1411.


Kathleen Larsen, Accounting
Kathleen manages monthly billing on the grant funds and monthly PERS reconciliation. She also reconciles monthly school financial statements and assists in processing time sheets with payroll each month. Kathleen can be reached at 541-689-3280, ext. 2051.

Nancy Porter, Budget & Accounting Analyst
Nancy is responsible for Treasury management, Budget Development and Support, Consolidated Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Development and Support, as well as Financial reporting of Grants and General Fund Accounting. She can be reached via email or by calling 541-689-3280 ext. 2052.

Nathan Voelsch, Human Resources Coordinator
Nathan is responsible for the administration of many HR functions including insurance, leave, personnel, payroll, workers’ comp, retirement, PERS and state reporting. He can be reached via email or by calling 541-689-3280, ext. 2007.