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Willamette Students Achieve Record Setting Graduation Rates!

Willamette’s 2021 four-year senior cohort graduation rate of 90.3% is 10% higher than the state average.  Graduation rates released each year are based on the number of students who completed all requirements within four years. High school graduation is a time honored rite of passage that represents the culmination of 12+ years of education and dedication from students, families, and staff. For the graduating class of 2021, their graduation also represents an achievement amidst school closures, distance learning, civil unrest, and a global pandemic.

Throughout these challenges, Bethel students and staff rose to the occasion and achieved a tremendous feat. The Willamette High school graduation rate for the class of 2021 exceeded 90%, and the Bethel School District graduation rate exceeded 84%. This represents a district graduation rate higher than neighboring 4J and Springfield School Districts.

Here are some additional new releases regarding graduation rates:

We are proud to be Wolverines!

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  1. Renee Delgado

    For years I worked in educational policy reform for K-12 and spent a lot of time reading literature for what works. Willamette truly enacts all the most effective strategies for supporting its students. Plus, it genuinely cares. I am proud to be a parent of a Wolverine.