What You Want In A New Superintendent

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The search for a new Bethel School Superintendent is underway, and we need your input. What qualities are you expecting in a new leader for our school district?

There are two ways to provide input on the skills or knowledge you want to see in the new Superintendent:

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The School Board intends to announce a new Superintendent by April 12, but the process is comprehensive and your opinions are needed now, before applications are accepted.

Superintendent Chris Parra announced her retirement effective at the end of the current school year, which has set in motion the search for the 8th Superintendent in Bethel’s history.

La búsqueda de un nuevo superintendente escolar para Bethel está en marcha y necesitamos su opinión. ¿Qué cualidades espera de un nuevo líder para nuestro distrito escolar?

Hay dos formas de brindar información sobre las habilidades o conocimientos que desea ver en el nuevo Superintendente:

La Junta Escolar tiene la intención de anunciar un nuevo Superintendente para el 12 de abril, pero el proceso es integral y se necesitan sus opiniones ahora, antes de que se acepten las solicitudes.

La superintendente Chris Parra anunció su retiro lo cual se hace efectivo al final del año escolar actual, lo que ha puesto en marcha la búsqueda del octavo superintendente en la historia de Bethel.


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  1. Bonnie Parmenter

    We need a superintendent that can be an example and leader. We need someone that respects and loves our country, A person that will listen to parents and students. At this time, we need someone that will utilize all means to keep our students safe with-out shutting schools down. Someone that will utilize the community to achieve the needs and goals of the school and will demand responsible spending and eliminate waste and use our resources wisely. Someone that supports a strong drug and alcohol abuse program. Someone that has experience and skills to propel our students into the future to be productive, contributing, healthy and happy citizens.