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January 24th Calendar Change

The Bethel School Board has approved a change to January 24th in order to mitigate the impacts of COVID on staff and students across the district. While some schools will treat the 24th as a No School day for students, this change will have two main impacts on Willamette students:

  • Shifting January 21st from a unique 8-period Schedule to a regular A Day schedule.
  • Monday, January 24th, will be a specific work day to allow students to asynchronously complete missing assignments, make-up work, or retake previous assessments. Students will not report to school or be expected to learn new material on that day.

Teachers and students will collaborate during the week of January 17th to plan for the specific make-up assignments and revisions to be completed on the 24th. How this looks for each student will be individualized to their courses, teachers, and prior assignments. Thank you for supporting your student to make the most of this opportunity.

Again, Monday, January 24th will not be an on-campus school day, and students will have individualized plans to be completed.

Thank you for your support.

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  1. Debbie Craft Edwards

    Great… our son Noah really needs a day to get caught up. It works for him and hope he takes advantage of this day.