Newly renovated classroom space

Renovation Brings New Life To Important Program

An essential teaching space has received a complete overhaul while schools have been closed due to COVID.

The Life Skills program at Willamette High School will eventually welcome students back to newly renovated rooms.

For decades, Life Skills had been a Lane ESD regional program in two retrofitted WHS classrooms. When the District took over the program, it was clear the facilities needed a significant upgrade.

Moving next door into a space formerly occupied by a math classroom, storage room and office, the renovated Life Skills area is now top of the line.

The new space has its own ADA restroom facilities with a hydraulic changing table, sensory room with adjustable light colors, a kitchen for meal preparation, washer and dryer, white boards and projectors, ADA access doors, a nurse’s office, and skylights with automated shutters and dimmers.

While their old space has now been converted into two renovated math classrooms, the Life Skills staff is thrilled with their new home. We are sure that students and families will be equally pleased.

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  1. Kathryne Rich

    An important and respectful renovation..a space that allows dignity and independence for the students that are served, and to the Teachers and Staff who continue to support and truly care for the Life Skills program. Thank you Bethel School District for always making our students and families a priority.