Unaccompanied Youth

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What is an unaccompanied youth?

The term “unaccompanied youth” (UY) refers to youth who are not living with their parents or legal guardians. McKinney-Vento eligibility is based on the youth’s current nighttime living arrangement. Most UY will qualify for McKinney-Vento rights and services, but not all.

Please contact the McKinney-Vento liaison at 541-607-1463 to determine eligibility or assist with enrollment and other needs. The involvement of the MV liaison is especially important because UY often face many barriers to enrolling, attending, and succeeding in school.

The primary responsibility of schools is to enroll and educate children and youth, not to make judgments about the validity of why a student is not living with a parent or guardian.

Unaccompanied youth who are in temporary housing are eligible for all rights and services under the MVA regardless of the circumstances that led to their separation from family. This includes:

  • Youth who ran away from home
  • Youth who were forced from home by their families

The MVA includes the following provisions specific to UY:

  • the right to immediate enrollment and assistance from the MV liaison to select a school of attendance
  • the right to receive transportation to and from school
  • the right to prompt and fair resolution of any disputes 



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