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Adult Volunteers Needed for U of O Football Game

For a number of years parents have supported our Senior Grad Night Party by working as volunteers in the Club Room during U of O Football Games.  This job is a great fundraiser and we must have 16 adult (18+) volunteers at each game in order to keep this job for future classes.  We are asking for your help this Saturday, September 8th.   This is an easy job that involves a team of two volunteers at each entrance in the Club Room checking that guests have tickets and greeting people.  It is fun to volunteer with a friend.  There are TVs broadcasting the game and it is an exciting atmosphere. Volunteers need to check-in at 8:45am.   If you can volunteer, please contact Cori Murphy at 541-326-5938 right away.  If you are the parent of a Senior, please join the Facebook page “WHS Class of 2019”.  If you cannot help this Saturday, please consider helping on September 15 or 22.    We want to be able to provide a fun, drug & alcohol free celebration for ALL Willamette graduates for years to come.  PLEASE help us to keep this important fundraiser by volunteering.  Thank You!

Announcing…Friday Night Lights!

Due to poor air quality in Southern Oregon, the Wolverine varsity football game has been relocated to Wolverine Stadium. Come and cheer our team to victory on Friday, September 7th at 7pm. 

Back to School Night: September 11, 2018

On September 11, we will host two evening events. Parents of freshmen should plan to attend both the 5:30 and 6:30 sessions. Parents of all students (grades 9-12) should attend the 6:30 session.

5:30: Freshman Success Seminar for parents of freshmen attending Willamette (Cafeteria)

  • Meet your counselor, learn key information to support your child in high school such as study supports, graduation requirements,

6:30: Willamette Open House for all parents of students attending Willamette (Powers Auditorium)

  • Meet teachers, learn about classes, explore extracurricular opportunities, and more!

To make the most of your evening, please bring a copy of your student’s schedule so that you know which teachers to visit.


Dear WHS Parents and Students,

Our goal at Willamette High School is to provide an academic experience that challenges and prepares our students to be future ready, which means upon graduation, our students are ready for post-secondary education and career. To be future ready, students must attend school regularly (95% or better), engage with the curriculum, their teachers and fellow classmates in a distraction-free environment. Therefore, part of our responsibility as a staff is to create and uphold an environment that allows students to learn at high levels while limiting distractions.  

To create a learning environment that supports our future ready goal, our staff have all agreed to be consistent with our cell phone policy (which itself is unchanged from previous years) to maximize learning while reducing distractions during class time.

Some of the primary reasons for this policy are:

  • Research shows that divided attention leads to less learning as it reduces the ability to think about classroom material.
  • Learning how to moderate your cell phone use is an important academic and professional skill.
  • Classroom distractions are reduced when cell phones are off.
  • Research shows that increased cell phone use throughout the day increases anxiety.

Willamette Cell Phone Policy

To honor our student’s learning environment, cell phones will be off and away in all classrooms during class time.

  • The expectation is that students will have their cell phones turned off or silenced and placed in their backpack or classroom holder, to limit distractions. During class time, students are not allowed to use cell phones in the hallways or in common areas.
  • Students will be allowed to access their cell phones during non-instructional time (before/after school, passing periods, and lunch).

If a student does not adhere to our cell phone practice, the following consequences will apply:

  • 1st incident: Referral. Student reads and signs the cell phone policy and phone may be picked up in the office, by the student, at the end of the school day (3:10).
  • 2nd incident: Referral. The student reads and reflects on cell phone research; and a parent/guardian must pick up the phone at the end of the school day (3:10). 
  • 3rd incident: Referral. The parent/guardian, student, and administrator meet to write a cell phone behavior contract. The cell phone will be returned to the parent/guardian at this meeting.

What if I need to contact my student during the day due to an emergency?

We understand the need for families to communicate with their students during the school day. Students can check their cell phones and communicate with family during non-instructional time. For emergencies, we encourage parents to contact the school at 541-689-0731 and we will deliver urgent messages to students, as needed. Please do not expect your child to respond to you during class time.

As a parent, I urge you to continue to learn more about the impact of cell phones and screen time on adolescents. Phones and tablets, when used appropriately, allow us to deliver content and create dynamic learning environments in new and meaningful ways. When used inappropriately, these tools can interfere with learning and the appropriate development of our young people.

As a staff, we look forward to collaborating with you to find a healthy balance for all of our students at Willamette High School.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

All the best,

Mindy LeRoux

Principal, Willamette High School

Welcome to Willamette!

Starting a new school is exciting. To assist with the process of transitioning to a new school, we provide orientations for our 9th grade students and students who are new to Willamette in grades 10-12.

9th grade students will start school on Tuesday, September 4th, from 10:00-3:10. Busses will run their normal routes and pick students up from 9:15-9:30. Upon arrival, meet in the Main Gym.

New students to Willamette in grades 10-12 will come for an orientation on Tuesday, September 4th, 1:00-3:00. Meet in the West Gym.

The first day of school for all students is Wednesday, September 5th, from 9:05-3:10. Busses will run their normal routes. Look at your classes online (sign into Home Access Center) and go directly to your first class.

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