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Driving Directions
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Willamette Parents – Let Your Voices Be Heard

Here is an opportunity to share your thoughts on what you want our schools to be. Superintendent Colt Gill is hosting two Oregon Rising meetings next week (Tuesday and Wednesday) here at Willamette, and all Wil-Hi parents are encouraged to attend. It’s a chance to share your thoughts in a survey that will tell state leaders what kind of investment in our schools is needed. The more voices, the better. Click here for more information.

Volunteers Needed for the Class of 2016 Graduation Party!

Dear Willamette Parents,

The Willamette High School Class of 2016 Graduation Party Committee has scheduled a planning and informational meeting for all Willamette parents on Tuesday, May 3rd at 7PM at Pappy’s Pizza. We hope you can join us!

The success of this substance-free Grad Night Party depends upon parent volunteers-lots of them! And historically, Willamette parents have always come forward to help. As the chairperson of this year’s substance-free Grad Night, I extend my personal invitation to parents of freshman, sophomores, junior and seniors to join with me and a dedicated cadre of parents who have already volunteered their time for the Class of 2016 Grad Night.

With this event, there is no such this as “too much help”. Parents of underclassman are especially welcomed, for two reasons. First, you will need the experience and exposure to this activity to better prepare you for the time when your son or daughter becomes a senior and it’s your turn to run Grad Night-you’ll be experts at that point. Second, and perhaps more importantly, volunteer parents of seniors will have an enormous task as commencement day approaches in June, trying to prepare for their son’s/daughter’s graduation, entertain out-of- town guest and other family and friends who came to witness graduation, in addition to trying to wrap up last minute details associated with the Grad Night party.

Here is a list of the Grad Night areas that need volunteers:
SETUP: We need 8-10 volunteers to help with the party setup and/or delivering food and snacks to the U of O Rec Center. Estimated time frame is 9:30-11:00PM.

CHECK IN: Are you an organized person? This job is for you. We need 10 volunteers who will be responsible for checking in all seniors and getting them loaded onto their assigned busses.

ENTERTAIMENT: I like to party, do you like to party? We have lots of fun games and entertainment planned for the grads, and we need lots of volunteers to help run the booths and activities.

Thank you in advance to everyone that signs up to help ensure that our grads experience an amazing night together before they go their own direction.

To sign up, or to get more information, please email: Willamette2016@yahoo.com

Amy Newport
Willamette High School Class of 2016 Graduation Party Chair 541.543.5275

Dream Big For Our Schools. Your Input is Needed.

What do we want Oregon schools to be for our children and grandchildren? Share your thoughts with Superintendent Colt Gill at one of the local Oregon Rising community meetings.

All the information gathered will be presented to state legislators to tell the story of what we want our state’s education system to look like.

Oregon Rising is a statewide public outreach effort hosted by Oregon educators, teachers, leaders, superintendents, and school boards. Join Colt Gill for one of these Oregon Rising presentations:

  • April 27, 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m., Sheldon High School (with Eugene 4j and Springfield Superintendents)
  • May 3, 7:00-8:00 p.m., Willamette High School
  • May 4, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Willamette High School

Those who cannot take part in the community conversations are encouraged to respond online at oregon-rising.org.


Soñar en grande para nuestras escuelas. Haz oír tu voz

¿Lo que queremos para nuestros hijos y nietos, las escuelas de Oregon? Comparta sus pensamientos con Superintendente Colt Gill en uno de los locales “Oregon Rising” reuniones de la comunidad.

Toda la información recopilada se presentará a los legisladores estatales para contar la historia de lo queremos que sea el sistema de educación de Oregón. Las conversaciones de todo el estado han sido recibidas por los educadores de Oregón, maestros, líderes, superintendentes y consejos escolares.

Reúnase con Señor Gill para estas presentaciones:

  • 27 de abril de 7:00 – 8:00 p.m., Escuela Secundaria Sheldon
  • 3 de mayo de 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Escuela Secundaria Willamette
  • 4 de mayo de 5:30 – 6:30 p.m., Escuela Secundaria Willamette

Aquellos que no pueden tomar parte en las conversaciones de la comunidad se anima a responder en línea en oregon-rising.org.


Active Bethel Citizens

You too can become a part of the Active Bethel Citizens. We need your input! To find out what’s happening in our community please come to a potluck and ice cream social.

  • May 27th, 6:00-8:00 p.m., Peterson Barn (the corner of Berntzen and Royal)
  • Bring your favorite potluck main dish or salad and ice cream topping. The ice cream will be provided.


Ciudadanos Activos de Bethel

Usted también puede formar parte de la Ciudadanos Activos de Bethel. Necesitamos de entrada! Para saber lo que sucede en esta comunidad por favor venga a una cena compartida y social del helado.

  •  27 de mayo de 6: 00-8: 00 p.m. Peterson Barn (la esquina de Berntzen y Royal)
  • Traer su comida favorita o ensalada. Se proporciona el helado.


Junior Statewide Assessments: April 18-27

The statewide assessment for juniors will be administered similarly to last year, minimizing the interruption to classes and maximizing instructional time for our students. The best two things you can do to support success on the assessment are:

  1. Get a good nights sleep before testing days
  2. Take a practice test. On the SBAC page, scroll down and choose ‘Resources and Documentation’. At the bottom are the Grade 11 choices that you will want to study: Math, Math Performance, ELA/Braille and ELA Performance Task.

Here is the testing schedule, by alpha, date and time:

Week 1, ELA:               April 18            April 19             April 20          April 21            April 22

A-Gerlach                      Period 1           Period 5             Period 2             Period 6            Period 2

Gillespie-Paschelke       Period 2           Period 6             Period 3             Period 7            Period 3

Paterson-Z                     Period 3           Period 7             Period 1             Period 5            Period 1


Week 2, Math:                        April 25           April 26             April 27

A-Gerlach                               Period 7              Period 3           Period 5

Gillespie- Paschelke               Period 5              Period 1          Period 6

Paterson-Z                              Period 6              Period 2          Period 7


Testing Location, by alphabet

A-Gerlach                                  Gillespie-Paschelke                        Paterson-Z

A-Brown = Testing Ctr              Gillespie-Hewett = Testing Ctr            Paterson-Sawyer = Testing Ctr

Bubach-Cutler = Lab 35            Hicks- Londo = Lab 35                        Schaaf-Trapp = Lab 35

Daharsh- Gerlach = Lab 58      Lonegan- Paschelke = Lab 58             Trim- Zilm = Lab 58

Willamette High School welcomes the class of 2020!

We are excited about next year and want to remind you about an important event will be
your student’s next step in registration for classes at WHS. Tomorrow evening, March 29th, there will be an orientation and scheduling meeting for your student. Prior to spring break, your student visited the Willamette campus, where they received materials to complete the course selection process. Please bring those materials with you tomorrow evening. It is very important that you and your student attend this orientation.

Tuesday evening schedule of events:
5:30 Orientation Session Option #1 (Powers Auditorium)
6:30 International Baccalaureate Information (lecture hall)
7:00 Orientation Session Option #2 (Powers Auditorium)

The agenda (for each of the Orientation sessions):
Welcome to Willamette (Powers Auditorium)
Career and Technical Education Expose (B Bay)
WHS Student Led Tours (Front office flag pole)
Activities Fair (cafeteria)
2016-17 Course Selection (cafeteria)

Please ensure that you have turned in your course selection card before leaving.

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