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Construction has begun on a security fence at Willamette. This has been requested by staff and families for years, and thanks to the careful spending of the Bethel Bond measure funds the district has the ability to make it happen.

Rather than circle our school, the powder-coated iron fence will connect our buildings. This will give us the ability to close off the campus, which has been impossible to do at any time of the day or night. The fence will have multiple gates allowing entry and exit from our campus as required by established city and fire codes.

It will direct visitors to the front office, which is the standard safety protocol for all modern day schools.

Construction may be noisy at times but most of the work will be done after school is out, and in the end we will be grateful for the measure of security that it will provide for our students, staff and visitors.


Bethel senior citizens are invited to attend the 31st Annual Senior Citizens Breakfast. Our Willamette High School choir will entertain, prizes will be raffled off, and a warm delicious breakfast will be served.

When: Wednesday, December 14

Time: 7:45 am- 8:45 am (doors open at 7:30)

Where: Willamette High School Cafeteria

Please call 541-461-6401 to RSVP by December 5.

This event is planned and hosted by Willamette Leadership students.

Every five years high schools across Oregon go through an accreditation process and this year is our turn. The process will bring a team of educators to Willamette to assess our strengths and areas for growth. To prepare for their visit, we surveyed students and staff about their perceptions of our school. We now need parent input. If you are a parent of a Willamette student, please click this link and complete a ten minute online survey. Your feedback will help guide us as we seek to continually improve our great school.

Thank you!

In the wake of the presidential election we recognize that there are a variety of thoughts, feelings and experiences among our students, parents and staff.  For the last year we have proudly maintained a civil school community amidst a uniquely contentious campaign. Today, some are pleased with the election outcome, while others are upset and genuinely frightened. Unfortunately, this means that there is a greater possibility of conversations, behaviors and interactions that can be hurtful and inappropriate.

We will continue to promote kindness, compassion, and respect regardless of our political views. It should be clear that language and actions that are harassing or intimidating are not acceptable at any time at Willamette High School. I encourage any student who needs support in any way to reach out to our administration for support. We are proud of our students and the school community.  We will continue to be a school where opinions and feelings are respected and respectful.

As a school community our staff are here for all students as we focus on education while ensuring that Willamette continues to be a welcoming and safe environment your child. Please consider what you can do and what words you will use that will support these efforts. We know that our actions today and beyond matter.

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