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There is a dedicated group of senior parents working to ensure this year’s graduation party for our seniors will be one to remember. The biggest fundraiser of the year is happening now during the Duck home games. Volunteers are needed each game- parents, family, or friends (any adult over age 21) to work in the Club Room checking passes. It’s a fun job and each game nets $1200! Parents earn over $7200 over the season that goes directly to fund the senior party. If there are not enough volunteers (18 volunteers each game identified to work)  the fundraiser opportunity will be lost- not just for this year, but for future years. For more information or to sign up please contact:

Wednesday, October 19 is not a late start. School will start promptly at 8:00.

Grades 9-11 will be taking the PSAT. Scores on the PSAT can be evidence of meeting the essential skills graduation requirements. To do your best on the PSAT, be sure to do the following:

  • Get a good night sleep,
  • Have breakfast,
  • Be on time to your assigned class (arrive before 8:00),
  • Bring #2 pencils,
  • Bring a calculator (cannot be a device that connects to the internet or a phone), calculators are not required but may be helpful
  • Student ID

Seniors will report to the auditorium by 8:00. Seminars are planned just for you!

Lunch will be served at 11:50-12:30 and it will be an early release with buses arriving at 12:45.





The Community is invited to find out whats up at the NAACP this Saturday October 8th! 101 west 10th ave. Downtown LCC campus 2nd floor.

The Eugene/Springfield NAACP Executive board will be there to answer question and sign new members up.

Pick up a new NAACP tshirt, and support social justice! Free pizza and Salad at Noon.

Parents and families with youth aged 8-21 are encouraged to come find out about exciting opportunities through the Eugene/Springfield NAACP. Youth from 12- 25 are encouraged to sign up and join one or all of the following programs:

Act-So– Talent based mentoring and competition

Youth Council– Student leadership development and civic participation

BTS tutoring- Home work help enrichment activities and more!

visit for more information

Kidsports Winter Sports

Register now for the winter sports season with Kidsports. Scholarship assistance is available. Click here for more information.


Kidsports los deportes del invierno

Instribete ahora para los deportest del invierno con Kidsports. Becas disponibles. Haga clic aquí para más información.

In an effort to better meet the needs of all WHS students, we have incorporated a schedule change on Wednesdays. The benefits of this schedule change are:

  • Provides a consistent time for students to get additional assistance from their teachers
  • Offers opportunities for extension activities
  • Homeroom will foster a connection to an adult at school which is known to improve a student’s educational experience and outcome
  • Creates time for college prep and guidance counseling activities
  • School calendar will be more predictable with 9:05 start nearly every Wednesday

For each of the first three Wednesdays all students have been reporting to their assigned homeroom to learn about Willamette school expectations, Wolverine Hour options, log into Home Access Center, practice safety procedures, and build community with their peers.

Following the third week of Wolverine Hour/Homeroom, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are on track to graduate may opt-out of their homeroom. When opted-out, students will be dropped from their homeroom roster, are no longer required to attend homeroom, and are excused from school at 2:05 on Wednesdays. Transportation on Wednesdays will still arrive at 3:10. We believe in the value of Wolverine Hour! Even after opting-out, students are invited to stay on campus and get assistance from teachers and/or participate in extension activities.

To opt-out, students who are sophomores and older must complete the opt-out form by reviewing their transcript with their family and homeroom teacher to determine that they are on track to graduate, obtain three signatures, and return the form and transcript to the front office.

To be considered on track to graduate, students need to have earned the following credits by the beginning of this year:

  • Sophomores=At least 6 credits
  • Juniors=At least 12 credits
  • Seniors=At least 18 credits

You can check your child’s credit status by looking at the transcript they received during homeroom class today.

Once opted-out, students are expected to carry their student ID card with the opt-out sticker to demonstrate they are free to leave campus. Additionally, students are expected to be engaged with activities, studying, or working with teachers so that hallways are clear. If students want to relax, the cafeteria is open for socializing.

Freshmen will not be able to opt out of homeroom. They will work with their homeroom teacher to develop the study skills and self-advocacy habits that will provide a solid foundation for the remainder of their high school experience.

We are excited for Wolverine Hour to start in earnest! We believe there is great value in protected time for students to get help in class and for students to work with teachers in extension activities.

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