Bethel Awarded $100,000 For Farm To School Program

School garden education and field trips to the Bethel Farm will be funded by a $100,000 USDA grant.

Bethel’s current Farm to School program will be expanded thanks to a $100,000 grant from the USDA.

As the only grant recipient in Oregon, Bethel will be able to bring science-based school garden education and nutrition education to each of its elementary schools.

The grant will also fund student field trips to the Bethel Farm and cooking classes for Kalapuya High School students.

Willamette’s Graphic Arts students will design and develop signage for cafeterias and school menus, and create promotional materials for the Farm to School program and the district’s Try It Thursday program.

Bethel’s Nutrition Services Department also recently received a $5,000 award for its use and promotion of mushrooms in school meals.

Fresh, Local And Tasty

Local farmers, growers, millers and bakers helped serve their fresh food to students at Fairfield Elementary on Bethel's annual Oregon Harvest Day.

Local farmers, growers, millers and bakers helped serve their fresh food – like these Asian pears – to students at Fairfield Elementary on Bethel’s annual Oregon Harvest Day.

Bethel already has a reputation as one of the state’s leaders in serving fresh, locally grown food in its school meals.

Bethel’s 3rd annual Oregon Harvest Day was a chance to highlight that fact.

All Bethel school lunches throughout the district were made solely with Oregon products, most of them local. Here’s the menu.

Franz Bakery bread, Johnson’s Farm cabbage, Camas Country Mill flour, Lochmead Dairy milk, fresh produce from Bethel School District’s new working farm, and Tillamook cheese, among others.

Representatives from many of the providers gathered at Fairfield Elementary to help serve the meals, getting a chance to see their products being enjoyed by students.

Bethel Provides Free Summer Meals


Healthy food will be on the menus at the five sites where Bethel will be providing free summer meals.

Seeking to keep its students well-fed while school kitchens are closed during the summer, Bethel School District will offer free summer meals at five locations.

Click here for the Bethel Summer Meals Schedule.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner will be served from a combination of locations, including Fairfield, Cascade, Willamette, Kalapuya and Petersen Barn Park.

In addition, the weekly Bethel Free Farmers Market will continue through the summer at Cascade.

Bethel’s Free Summer Meals Program is in addition to the seven Bethel locations that will be home to the Food for Lane County Summer Meals program.

Click here for the FFLC Summer Meals Sites.

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