WHS Graduation 2020

Record Numbers Again For Willamette and Kalapuya Grad Rates!

For the second year in a row, Bethel’s high school graduation rate has achieved an all-time high!

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With Willamette reaching 83.5% and Kalapuya 63%, the District’s overall grad rate is 79%.

There has been a systematic outreach by Bethel’s high school staff to make sure we are supporting individual student needs and celebrating student growth. In Bethel, we are focused on helping all students complete high school and prepare for college, careers and life. While there is still much work to be done to reach this goal, the current successes are noteworthy and cause for celebration!  Bethel staff are innovative, caring, and deeply dedicated to the education of our students. These increasing graduation rates are a testament to the resilience of our students, commitment of our community, and the determination of our staff.

The students in Bethel are stepping up, persevering, and succeeding! We are proud of our Bethel Graduates!