Parent Teacher Conference Sign-up

We are excited to invite all of our families to sign-up for virtual or in-person conferences. Before you register, a few key details to provide the best experience possible.

Conference Times and Locations

1:00pm-3:50pm = Virtual/Zoom Only
5:00pm-8:20pm = In-person Only
1:00pm-3:50pm = Virtual/Zoom Only
5:00pm-8:30pm = Virtual/Zoom Only

Sign-up Details

  • After selecting the teachers to meet with (limit 5 please), you will be asked to enter information about your student and yourself. That will be followed by an email from PTCFast that includes your invitation and link to select times. Please make sure you use this email link and click “Submit” once you’ve selected your time slots.


  • In-person meetings will be limited to the 5pm to 8:30pm meetings on Monday, November 22nd. Please ONLY sign up for those times if you plan to meet teachers on the Willamette campus, as no virtual appointments will be held during that Monday evening window. Participants will need to wear a proper-fitting mask and follow health and safety protocols during their time on campus.


  • Virtual appointments can be made on either November 22nd from 1pm-4pm, or between 1pm-8:30pm on November 23rd. The email that confirms your appointment will include access to a Google Sheets document that includes every teacher’s meeting link. You can use those links when it is time to join their meeting. You do NOT need a Zoom account, but do need access to Zoom through a phone or a computer with a camera and microphone. We do have limited space in our Media Center for any families needing access to technology for their virtual conferences. Please call our front office to schedule that time.

***Once you’ve read the instructions above, please click or paste the link below into your browser to begin registration.***

Estimado padre,

Su escuela está usando para hacer inscripciones lo más conveniente posible este año.

Utilice el botón de traducción en la parte superior para obtener instrucciones completas para registrarse en línea.

Por favor, introduzca la siguiente dirección web en la ventana del navegador:

Si necisitas ayuda, o programar una traducción para sus reuniones, póngase en contacto con nosotros por teléfono en 541-689-0731.