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Hybrid Transition Updates

Greetings Wolverines,

We want you to have a clear outline of the transitions in our near future; the end of Term 4, Spring Break, start of Term 5, and the beginning of Hybrid, in-person offerings. Here is an overview of upcoming events and dates:

Weekly Snapshot  (Click here for detailed student view of the daily bell schedule in Term 5)

Term 5 will still end on May 6th.

Schedules are currently being updated to create two in-person cohorts (A and B) and a single, CDL Cohort (C). While you may see shifts when logging into Home Access Center over the next week, the final Term 5 schedule and cohort placement will be viewable no later than March 29th.

If you would like to know more about what the on-campus experience will look like, please view the “Return to In-Person Instruction” video below. It outlines some of the safety protocols taken at home, when arriving on campus, and during transitions.

Additionally, we will host a Forum on Hybrid over Zoom at 5:30 PM, the night of March 29th. This will include additional details on health and safety protocols, the classroom experience in Hybrid, and a Q&A period. A recording will be posted after.

We are excited for this transition and looking forward to expanding the ways we can all work together!