Walk & Roll to School or Anywhere!

Wherever we’re doing our learning, we can have fun getting places walking, biking, skating, scooting, rolling and busing! The Safe Routes to School Remote Learning page is full of safety tips and lessons for you to practice your way to independent walking and rolling.

Challenge of the Month! Win prizes for yourself and your school!

To enter a raffle with fun prizes for yourself and your school, complete our bingo card or one of the daily activities below and send a picture from an activity and the name of your school by October 30 (with your permission to share) to eugspsrts@gmail.com.

Daily Challenges!

Mindful Monday: Start out your week with a rainbow walk or ride. Tune into your surroundings and find something that represents each color of the rainbow. You can do this outside or inside. 

Test Your Route Tuesday: Go for a walk or ride to school, park or other nearby destination. Plan ahead with an adult to figure out where you can safely go and what is the best route. For new bike riders, check out this video on learning to ride.

Walk and Roll Wednesday: Let’s all get outside and join people around the country celebrating Walk to School Day! We may be physically distancing, but we can still connect. Let’s take this day to nod, smile or wave as we pass the other members of our community.

Thrilling Thursday: Decorate your sidewalk, windows or bike with signs of encouragement to bike and walk for your neighbors. Keep an eye out for messages and art others may have left for you!

Fun Friday: Get outside and go on a scavenger hunt. Click here for three options that Walk Sacramento put together in English and Spanish.

*Bonus activity: Show how you Walk & Roll and have your art featured in a calendar! Click here for competition details.