Shasta a Certified Premiere Oregon Green School

Students conducting the school wide waste audit.
Students conducting the school wide waste audit.

Shasta Middle School is proud to announce that we have been officially certified as a Premiere Oregon Green School! Shasta is honored to hold this position, as it is the highest certification achievable in the Oregon Green School Program!

This was made possible by a small group of influential students, known as the Green Team. They are led by Green Teacher Leader and Educational Assistant, Karlie Slagle who is in her third year here at Shasta. To obtain this certification, Shasta had to meet all requirements for the Oregon Green School application. This included a school wide waste and recycling audit, done in conjunction with Partners for Sustainable Schools representative, Joshua Frankel. In addition, staff and students set and actively worked on waste reduction, energy conservation, water conservation and recycling efficiency goals. 

Students in the Green Team were directly involved in making these waste management goals achievable! Students did everything from conducting classroom recycling/garbage audits, to monitoring lunchtime compost, running routine recycling crews and promoting environmental awareness throughout the school community. The Green Team created and even performed a waste reduction theatre play to Clear Lake Elementary students, to inspire youth in our district to make positive change in their world!

Green Team Slogan: “Don’t forget to have a heart and do your part!”

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