Senior Spotlights

Congratulations to the class of 2023!

Included below is a roundup of a handful of seniors who will be graduating this year and some fun information about what they enjoyed about high school, as well as what adventure they’re heading off to next! Stay tuned for a Kalapuya senior spotlights.

Rose Forcier – Willamette High School Senior

Plans for next year: Heading to OSU to study biology or pre-veterinary program. Eventually, hopefully I’ll be doing work at a vet clinic or being a wildlife biologist. “Just studying biology, getting into the sciences, doing some research projects with whatever professors I can find.”

Passions and interests in high school: Volunteering for Northwest Youth Corps, Environmental Action Club, academics, composting, gardening.

Advice for younger self: “I don’t know if I would tell my younger self anything really. I had all the ambition and drive – I’ve been dreaming of going to high school and college since I was in kindergarten. I’ve always looked up to my mom who works at the UO, and I am super excited for higher education and getting out there and being a researcher and all that stuff. So yeah, I don’t think I would tell myself anything but like keep going and try to do things earlier, maybe.”

Brody Gilbert – Willamette High School Senior

Plans after high school: Attending University of Oregon to earn a degree in jazz studies. After that, heading to Seattle for an instrument repair program before hopefully heading to New York to play saxophone gigs full-time. “I’m hoping to make at least some sort of a name for myself where I’ll get called up for gigs and I hope to go on tour at some point, or settle down somewhere and open up my own instrument repair shop.”

What have you liked about high school?
I really liked making a lot of new friends. I’ve expanded my social skills and I feel a lot more comfortable talking with people I don’t really know and just making friends in general. And I guess the, the music program here is also wonderful. Mr. Fres one of the best band directors ever had, so yeah.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Practice more? Don’t slack off. Make a lot of friends, but don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s good to have a close group of friends that you’re able to really connect with on a personal deep level. And then also be friendly to everyone, you know, and just, I guess follow the golden rule and treat others how you want to be treated as well is a good one.

What are you looking forward to the most about college?
The music program, of course. I feel like I’m talking a lot about music, but that’s kind of my jam – no pun intended. Expanding my friend group and my social circle. I feel like I’m a very like social person and I like to get out and do stuff with people who I don’t know very well, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Abhayeroop Pawar – Willamette High School Senior

Plans for after high school: Attending the University of Oregon to receive a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or international business. Then attend graduate school to receive a master’s in business administration with a concentration in marketing. “I really want my occupation to line up with my passion.”

Passions and interests in high school: Speech and debate, DECA business club, creative writing class and business classes. “I also love making movies and combining music and video to create an experience. I love giving people experiences through art, which I learned in high school, which is really cool.”

Thoughts on concluding high school: I don’t want to see people leave … you just need your people to support you! But I’m feeling ready to get out of here and start the official grind for my future. I have been able to refine my passions so well over the last couple of years, and I know myself well and I’m ready to achieve my goals.

Advice you would give your younger self?

“I would say, keep doing what you’re doing. I’m happy about who I am right now. If I had to tell myself one thing, I would tell myself as a junior to try harder. I should have taken more classes, too.”

Hope Jackson – Willamette High School Senior

Plans after high school? Attending Seattle Pacific University to pursue a career in nursing.

“I wanted to do something community-service oriented. I’ve always been interested in science and how the human body works. My parents have been my main influences in my life, and they are both therapists and believe it’s important to serve the community. So, I’m thinking about becoming a traveling nurse so I can travel the world while doing something I love, which I think is kind of amazing.

Interests and passions in high school: Volunteering at Green Hill Humane Society and Volunteers in Medicine, National Honors Society, playing the drums, ultimate frisbee, and art.