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Leadership Qualities

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  • Emphasizes equity, inclusion, diversity and culturally responsive teaching, and possesses the skills to successfully lead and respond to a student body and community that is ethnically, culturally, economically and linguistically diverse

  • Inspires a positive and professional environment that includes mutual trust, open communication and
    respect among all staff members, the community, and the school board

  • Is a collaborative decision-maker/leader who actively seeks and considers input and explains significant
    District decisions to staff and the community

  • Promotes trust and optimism, models high standards of integrity and personal performance, and practices a servant-leadership approach while being comfortable with vulnerability

  • Is dedicated to being highly visible in classrooms, at events, and in the community

Experienced Educator and Administrator

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  • Is committed to a “student first” philosophy in all decisions

  • Possesses experience as a strong instructional leader with a record of success in past positions of improving achievement for all students

  • Has excellent knowledge of best practices using data-driven strategies in decision-
    making processes and curriculum development

  • Demonstrates knowledge of sound fiscal practices and management of District resources, including appropriate involvement of others in planning and decision-making with a commitment to transparent processes

Strong Communicator

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  • Exhibits strong people and communication skills in speaking, writing and listening

  • Understands the importance and benefits of engaging with the community, building  relationships, and presenting a positive image of the district 

  • Develops and communicates a vision of an excellent and innovative education for a diverse district 

  • Is politically savvy and advocates for public education at the local, county, state, and federal levels

Salary and Benefits

  • The salary range for the coming school year is $150,000 ‐ $175,000.
  • Salary will be based on professional experience, education, skills and qualities.
  • Compensation includes a generous benefits package, including district‐paid Public Employee Retirement System contributions and a monthly district‐paid T.S.A.
Bethel School District


Application Submission Closed on February 5, 2021 at 5:00 pm

No Longer Accepting Applications

  • A letter of application stating personal qualifications, experiences, and reasons for interest in the position
  • The online application form and a current resume
  • 3 current letters of recommendation
  • Contact information for three references (will not be contacted prior to candidate notification)
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2/5/2021:  Application Closing Date

2/22/2021: Candidates recommended to School Board for approval

2/26-3/12/2021:  School Board conducts interviews and reference checks

3/15-22/2021:  Site visits and reference checks

4/12/2021: School Board announces selection of new Superintendent.

7/1/2021: Start date for the new Superintendent

Dates are subject to change.


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Contact for Prospective Candidates

Hank Harris
Human Capital Enterprises
Email: hankharrisgroup@gmail.com
Phone: 202.735.6665