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Student Chromebooks

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Step 1:  Open the Chromebook’s lid and it will power on automatically.

Step 2: Hold your Clever badge up to the Chromebook camera, which is located in the top center of your screen. This will automatically log you in.


Step 2: Click the “Enter Google account info” button.

Step 3: Enter your Bethel user name: firstname.lastname

Step 4:  Enter your Bethel password: studentIDnumber@Bsd

Bethel Student Naming Conventions

User Name: firstname.lastname@bsd52.org
Please note: All special characters and spaces will be removed. There is a 20 character limit in email names.

Password: studentidnumber@Bsd


Alex Jones:  alex.jones@bsd52.org     Password: 012345@Bsd

Samantha Huntington-Ross: samantha.huntingtonr@bsd52.org (20 character limit)  Password: 34589@Bsd

Angel Hernandez Jiminez:  angel.hernandezjimin@bsd52.org (20 character limit)  Password: 83456@Bsd

Chris Davis-Brown: chris.davisbrown@bsd52.org   Password: 104777@Bsd

Taylor de la Paz: taylor.delapaz@bsd.52.org    Password: 23456@Bsd

Casey O’Malley: casey.omalley@bsd52.org     Password: 103567@Bsd

Chromebook information

To learn all about your Chromebook, click here.

Chromebook cover of a slidedeck

Para conocer todo sobre su Chromebook, haga clic aquí.

To learn more about your Chromebook, try this interactive tutorial.

To translate YouTube videos, please click here for instructions.

Para traducir los videos de YouTube, por favor haga clic aquí para más instrucciones.

Cần phiên dịch video YouTube, xin vui lòng bấm vào đây để được chỉ đẫn.

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