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photo of Prairie Mountain front entrance through the trees

Prairie Mountain is a kindergarten through 8th school that is nestled in the heart of west Eugene. Our students, families, teachers, and staff are proud to be a part of an inclusive, diverse, and supportive neighborhood school.  The Prairie Mountain staff are committed to providing a quality education and a safe, caring learning environment for every student. 

We are the home of the Eagles and our mission is to support all our students in achieving their very highest educational and personal potential, to inspire them to soar with an enduring love for learning, and to prepare them to contribute as citizens of a diverse, multicultural and international community. 

At Prairie Mountain we respect one another, work as a community, and learn together to succeed today and tomorrow.  We teach our students to, “Manage, lead, succeed and soar today like an Eagle!”

Prairie Mountain school logo: green illustrated mountain topped by yellow sun with blue and white eagle

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School Contact Information

Prairie Mountain School
Principal: Jaime Noack
5305 Royal Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402
Main: 541-607-9849
Fax: 541-607-9856