Thank You, Two Screens For Teachers!

Today Prairie Mountain received fantastic news from Matt Lerner, representing the organization Two Screens For Teachers. The “before” and “after” photos  above show the significant improvements that adding another screen will add for our dedicated staff during distance learning. 

Thank you, Sonja Maul, for heading up this amazing opportunity for our staff.

Read the message from Matt Lerner below.

Congratulations to the 2,205 teachers at the 50 schools who won our Thanksgiving Giveaway contest!

Here’s the list of schools with the most teacher signups in our top 50 cities.

Every teacher at these schools who signed up before the contest deadline of Wednesday, November 25th at 11:59pm Eastern will get a free monitor from Two Screens for Teachers.

  1. Abraham Lincoln Elementary – Indianapolis, IN
  2. Advanced Technologies Academy – Las Vegas, NV
  3. Akron North High – Akron, OH
  4. Barack H. Obama Elementary Magnet School of Technology – Atlanta, GA
  5. Barringer Academic Center – Charlotte, NC
  6. Beaubien Elementary – Chicago, IL
  7. Burbank High School – San Antonio, TX
  8. Capitol Hill School – Oklahoma City, OK
  9. Cesar Chavez High School – Houston, TX
  10. Danbury High School – Danbury, CT
  11. David Douglas High School – Portland, OR
  12. Dove Academy of Detroit – Detroit, MI
  13. East Bronx Academy for the Future – Bronx, NY
  14. Edison Career & Technology High School – Rochester, NY
  15. Elyira High School – Elyria, OH
  16. Fordson High School – Dearborn, MI. 
  17. Gilmore Fine Arts Middle School – Racine, WI
  18. Great Bridge High School – Chesapeake, VA
  19. Holmes Road Elementary – Memphis, TN
  20. Hutchinson Central Technical High School – Buffalo, NY
  21. Ignite Middle School – Dallas, TX
  22. Indian Orchard Elementary – Springfield, MA
  23. James Hillhouse High School – New Haven, CT
  24. James Madison High School – Brooklyn, NY
  25. Jane Addams Middle School – Seattle, WA
  26. Lincoln High School – Jersey City, NJ
  27. Mary B. Martin – Cleveland, OH
  28. Morse High School – San Diego, CA
  29. Northeast High School – Philadelphia, PA
  30. Norview High School – Norfolk, VA
  31. Oakland High School – Oakland, CA
  32. S. Q255 – Flushing, NY
  33. Parkland Middle School – El Paso, TX
  34. Penn Hill Elementary – Pittsburgh, PA
  35. Piedmont Hills High School – San Jose, CA
  36. Pine Forest High School – Fayetteville, NC
  37. Plaza Middle School – Kansas City, MO
  38. Prairie Mountain Elementary – Eugene, OR
  39. S. 78 – Staten Island, NY
  40. Sierra Middle School – Bakersfield, CA
  41. Stamford High School – Stamford, CT
  42. Tallwood High School – Virginia Beach, VA
  43. The SEED School of Maryland – Baltimore, MD
  44. Thurston High School – Springfield, OR
  45. Virgil Middle School – Los Angeles, CA
  46. Volcano Vista High School – Albuquerque, NM
  47. Washington Elementary School – Wichita, KS
  48. Washington Height Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) – New York, NY
  49. Western Guilford High School – Greensboro, NC
  50. Worcester Technical High School – Worcester, MA

Congrats to all of our winning teachers and schools!