Lions Bearing Gifts

Safety Railings on porch of home

A Prairie Mountain family is very grateful for the generous support from local Lions Clubs.  Isaac is a second grader at Prairie Mountain who tragically became blind after having a brain tumor. The immediate needs for supporting Isaac and his family were immense and overwhelming.

The Bethel Lions Club stepped up and built railings for the porch of the family’s home to keep Isaac safe. Additionally, the Bethel Lions gifted the family with a $100 gift card for Christmas and a $ 25 gift card for Isaac’s birthday.

The Springfield Lions Club Foundation provided the Martinez family with a $500 grant to cover the costs of traveling to Portland for medical appointments.

People who are lucky enough to know Isaac and his family are inspired by their positive determination to provide Isaac with all the support he needs to help him be successful. Prairie Mountain is proud to call this courageous family one of our own.

Thank you, Bethel and Springfield Lions Clubs for supporting this very deserving student and family. Read more about Isaac and his family here.