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Meadow View Update: You Belong

Hi Amazing Meadow View Families,

We are getting closer to reopening our schools and inviting kids and families back to a brick and mortar setting. Woo hoo! We’ve been anxiously awaiting their return to school. We know that the past year has been hard on everyone. We’ve missed out and we’ve missed each other. We have also worked together to keep our community healthy and safe. As we prepare to reopen our doors, we want our students to feel safe, supported and have a deep sense of belonging here at Meadow View. 

When we started the school year we were worried about whether we would be able to build community and cultivate relationships online. To our surprise, our amazingly resilient students and teachers led the way. They’ve worked together to create supportive learning environments within our online platforms. We are so impressed with the genuine warmth, caring relationships and class communities that have transpired during CDL. As we prepare for another transition to hybrid with some students remaining in CDL, we want to continue the support and sense of belonging we’ve been working so hard to create in a virtual setting and extend it to face-to-face interactions and learning.

At Meadow View, we are committed to inclusive practices, anti-racist teaching, equity and intentionally fostering a sense of belonging for every student, especially our kids and families of color and our LGBTQ communities. Our kids are amazingly accepting of each other–we trust them to lead the way in this work. They are standing up for each other and speaking up. Students want, expect and deserve a safe, welcoming environment free from judgment, prejudice and discrimination. Everyone has a role in helping others to belong. We know that a sense of belonging positively impacts student learning, motivation, social engagement and wellbeing. 

As we begin to build our new Hybrid and CDL classroom communities, we invite our students, families and staff to join us in our efforts to build a community of belonging at Meadow View. We can do this by actively learning about each other, reaching out to connect and accepting one another. Help us do this. We want to hear from you:

Tell us or show us by answering one or all of the questions below. You can respond in writing, art, poem, song, video, music or any other creative way to show us what belonging means to you (using this form, email, send in, drop off). Bonus, make it a family conversation.

  1. What does it mean to belong?
  2. What can you do to help others feel like they belong?
  3. What do you need to feel like you belong?
  4. Why is this important?

Our intent is to continuously flood our halls, messaging and climate and culture at Meadow View with the sentiment of You Belong. We will use words, art and ideas to help us represent belonging at MV.

We believe in MV and YOU belong!


Erika and Carmen