MV update

Meadow View Update

Bethel Kicks Off District-Wide Mental Health Campaign

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! While there are a number of important mental health efforts underway here in Bethel, this month we’re doing something special that we hope will have a positive impact on our students, staff and families.

Beginning Monday (May 16) the Bethel District is launching a Sources of Strength campaign!

Sources of Strength is our district-wide social and emotional learning curriculum. It’s fun, powerful and strength-based. It prioritizes mental health and helps students to recognize the strength they already possess and can rely on when things feel hard.

The campaign aims to unite our school community around hope, health and strength during a season of life that has been challenging. While students have been learning about Sources of Strength throughout the school year, we feel it’s important to emphasize this program for students, staff and families.

Our campaign is focused on helping students, staff and families to develop resiliency within themselves and their communities, whether that be at school, with family or with friends. Beginning this week, teachers across the district will guide students through conversations and activities that help them to identify their strengths and learn how to draw on those strengths.

As a part of this campaign, we are also hosting a family mental health education night. At this event, parents, guardians and other family members will learn about the mental health support that they can provide to their own students and their students’ friends through the Sources of Strength program as well as suicide prevention training (QPR).

Join us!

  • In person: 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 24th, at the WHS Lecture Hall
    • 1801 Echo Hollow Road, Eugene, OR, 97402
  • Zoom: 6:30 p.m., Thursday, May 26 , click here for the zoom link

Zoom meeting ID: 316 743 8762

Passcode: bhc

Snowplow Art Project

After a years-long break, the Public Works Department is excited to bring back Snowplow Art in 2022! This year Public Works has invited two local schools to design and paint one plow each and Meadow View was chosen!

In April, Public Works delivered an 11-foot-wide plow blade and painting supplies for our amazing 2nd Grade Artists to get creative. The painted snowplows will be shared during this year’s virtual Public Works Day which runs from May 15-21, 2022. Public Works also publicizes the artwork in the City Council newsletter, community news and press releases. The painted blades are used for normal public works operations, including snow removal.

Check out the photos below to see our 2nd graders in action!

MV’s Girls On The Run

Our amazing Girls on the Run team of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade runners have been running like crazy over the past two months. They’ve learned a lot about themselves, how to be a positive friend, their own strength, and that they can do hard things.  We are so proud of each and every one of them. This week, MV’s GOTR team completed their practice 5K run in preparation for their season finale–the GOTR 5K! The GOTR 5K will be hosted by Meadow View and will take place starting at 9:00am on Saturday, May 21st. You’ve got this, girls!

Middle School Track Meet 

Meadow View’s middle school track team is STRONG! Our student athletes showed up in force at the district-wide track meet hosted at Willamette this Wednesday. Our students ran, jumped, threw, hurdled and relayed their way to several victories. Way to go, MV! Our next and last middle school track meet is coming up on Wednesday, May 25th, at 4:15, at WilHi. See you there!

MV Shout Outs

We have had so many things going on at MV and have lots of shout outs and things to celebrate! Some notable shoutouts that we’d like to give are:

  1. Thank you MV families for your donations of old electronics during the Next Step Recycling competition. Meadow View won 1st place! WOO HOO!
  2. Thank you MV PTO and MV families for your hard work, shopping and submitting your receipts for the School Cents competition. Meadow View won 1st place! Yahoooo!
  3. Thank you to our MV PTO and parents who made our Walk and Bike to School Day a huge success!
  4. Our MV Rock Garden is complete! On Earth Day, MV students participated in our first in-person buddy day since the pandemic and painted rocks together. The rocks are on display in our courtyard for students to see!
  5. Thank you to Chris Ferguson for coming to MV this week and providing a free book to every MV student in grades K-4!