MV update

Meadow View Update

Supply Pick-Up This Wednesday

Hey Meadow View! This week we will have a supply pick up for 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 6th Grade and 8th Grade on Wednesday, February 24th, from 8am-6pm. We have lots of things for you to pick up and they vary from grade to grade. 

To pick up your students’ supplies, please drive up to the MV front parking lot sidewalk anytime between 8am-6pm Wednesday, February 24th. An MV staff member will meet you at your car window to get your student’s name, grade level and their homeroom teacher’s name, grab their supplies from inside and deliver your child’s items/kits curbside. We ask that you remain in your vehicle throughout this process.

If you aren’t able to pick up your supplies this Wednesday, you can call our MV office at 541-607-9700 to make an appointment! We’ll get you all set up.

See you Wednesday, MV!

Strides for Social Justice

A new app has been launched by PeaceHealth in partnership with the Eugene Marathon that is part history, part exercise, and part fundraiser.

Strides for Social Justice is designed to be an inclusive, family-friendly program that will engage and educate participants as they are guided on routes to various local landmarks, providing a view into local Black history and the influence of Black residents in our community.

The program also aims to encourage physical activity for people of all abilities and fitness levels, and generate financial resources in support of the NAACP and other organizations focused on social justice.

Strides for Social Justice is in your app store now.

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Strides por la justicia social

PeaceHealth ha lanzado una nueva aplicación en asociación con el Eugene Marathon que es en parte historia, en parte ejercicio y en parte recaudación de fondos.

Strides por la justicia social está diseñado para ser un programa inclusivo y familiar que involucrará y educará a los participantes mientras son guiados en rutas a varios puntos de referencia locales, brindando una visión de la historia local afroamericana y la influencia de los residentes negros en nuestra comunidad.

El programa también tiene como objetivo fomentar la actividad física para personas de todas las habilidades y niveles de condición física, y generar recursos financieros en apoyo de la NAACP y otras organizaciones enfocadas en la justicia social.

Strides por la justicia social ya está en su tienda de aplicaciones.