Two men nailing walls in place to build a classroom

Summer Bond Projects Heat Up

Workers are replacing all of the HVAC pipes to improve the heating system at Clear Lake.

Some major Bethel bond-related improvement projects are quickly being addressed while students and staff are gone during the summer months.

A major renovation is taking place in Clear Lake, turning two classrooms into appropriate space for the Life Skills program.

The makeover will include spaces and utilities specifically designed for students in the program.

Bethel serves students from a number of area school districts in its Life Skills program at Clear Lake, and soon the students and staff will have a modern space more appropriate for their needs.

At the same time, Clear Lake’s HVAC system is getting a complete overhaul.

All the pipes that carry hot and cool water for the HVAC operations are being replaced.

Crews are on ladders and lifts reaching up into the open ceiling in every room at Clear Lake.

Concrete footings are being poured at six Bethel schools to serve as foundations for covered play areas.

The new pipes will be better able to manage the flow of water heated or cooled by the new boilers already installed at Clear Lake.

New HVAC controls are also being installed at Shasta, Irving and Danebo schools.

And concrete footings are being poured for the covered play areas at six Bethel schools: Fairfield, Malabon, Clear Lake, Danebo, Irving, Meadow View and Prairie Mountain.

The structures will be made of steel, which is being delayed a bit due to the worldwide supply chain issues.

The covered play areas are scheduled to be completed in November or December, right when the wet weather rolls in.