Rise In COVID Cases Pushes School Reopening Goal Further Away

Governor Brown has issued new two-week restrictions throughout the state in an attempt to curb the surging number of COVID-19 cases. If the restrictions (including travel restrictions) are successful, the COVID rates could decline and allow us to inch closer to reopening schools to Hybrid Instruction (2 days in school and 3 days online from home).

Click here for a look at this week’s COVID rates in Lane County and how they relate to the reopening of our schools.

Bethel School District does not have a target date for the start of Hybrid Instruction. However, we are continuing to prepare our schools and update our COVID Operational Blueprints for the eventual return of students when the COVID rates allow.

Lowering the COVID rates so students can return to school has to be a community-wide goal. Just as you model behavior for your children, you can do your part by being diligent in your own health and safety protocols, particularly around Thanksgiving gatherings.