WHS Graduation 2020

Record Numbers Again For Willamette and Kalapuya Grad Rates

For the second year in a row, Bethel’s high school graduation rate has achieved an all-time high.

With Willamette reaching 83.5% and Kalapuya 63%, the District’s overall grad rate is 79%.

There has been a systematic outreach by Bethel’s high school staff to make sure no students slip through the proverbial cracks.

At high school it begins in freshman year with a significant effort to keep 9th graders on-track toward graduation. The more success a student experiences at the start of their high school years, the more likely they will continue that success through graduation.

Kalapuya’s grad numbers are simply spectacular. KHS has traditionally been a school for students who have struggled at a large traditional high school, and who typically arrive severely deficient in credits and way behind schedule to graduate.

The KHS 5-year grad rate of 74% is remarkable, and a testament to the resilience of students and the determined support by staff.