4 arms holding up the letters VOTE

Board Approves No-Tax-Increase Bond

Assured that it will not increase anyone’s tax rate, the Bethel School Board has unanimously approved a bond measure for the November ballot.

The bond was recommended by a large District committee of community members, staff, and architects that spent months studying the facilities and programs in Bethel.

The bond would further address student safety, provide basic repairs to roofs, flooring, ventilation systems, and update textbooks and student computers for in-person and remote learning.

It would build a Vocational Ed Center at Willamette High School to create a modern learning space for hands-on programs like Computer Programming, Construction Design, Healthcare, and Robotics.

And, Cascade Middle School would also be replaced. The oldest school in the District, Cascade was built in 1955 and has numerous structural, mechanical and design issues that were identified in official reports submitted to the state.

In addition, if the $99 million bond passes, Bethel will be granted another $6 million in matching grants from the state.

Bethel’s last bond also did not increase anyone’s tax rate, and was passed by voters in 2012 with a 73% Yes vote.