Administrative Changes Build Support For Students

Bethel School District is proud to welcome new administrators to the Bethel team, as well as familiar Bethel administrators to new positions for the coming school year.

Nathan Bridgens: Malabon Elementary Principal
Nathan Bridgens  was selected this spring to serve as the next principal of Malabon Elementary School. After 11 years as the principal at Irving Elementary, Nathan will officially take over at Malabon beginning later this summer. Congratulations to current Malabon Principal, Maureen Spence, who is retiring after 30 years in Bethel! 

Before becoming the Irving Principal, Nathan was an assistant principal at Prairie Mountain School for one year and a teacher in the South Lane School District for 10 years before that. Nathan is a strong leader and a kind, compassionate educator. He is equity-centered and has helped build school culture at Irving that is student-focused and welcoming of all. 

Carmen Adler – Irving Principal 

Carmen has previously served as both an assistant principal and co-principal at Meadow View School for three years and one year, respectively. This past school year, Carmen served as a Strategic Initiative Administrator at the district office, working to coordinate student services and support and organize Bethel’s new strategic plan. 

Carmen  is a student-centered and equity-minded leader who has a deep understanding of instruction and a heart that aligns with Bethel’s vision to provide welcoming learning spaces where all students are honored and valued. She is organized, highly-communicative, an innovative thinker, and committed to creating systems of support for all students. She also brings to the position a deep knowledge of the school district and our Bethel community.

Janay Stroup – Willamette High School Assistant Principal 

Janay Stroup, current Interim Principal at Kalapuya High School, will be joining the Willamette High School administrative team as an assistant principal beginning next school year. Stefan Aumack will be returning to Kalapuya next school year after a leave of absence this school year. 

Janay has served in various roles at Kalapuya since 2012 when she was hired as a SPED case manager and senior cohort teacher. Since then, Janay has served as a teacher, assistant principal and principal at Kalapuya. Janay has a wealth of experience serving high school students, is a strong student advocate and has a great understanding of Bethel systems and structures. Janay is a compassionate and thoughtful leader and we are thrilled that she will be joining the WHS team. 

Trinity Welch-Radabaugh – Willamette High School Assistant Principal

Trinity Welch-Radabaugh will be stepping in as a new Assistant Principal at Willamette High. 

Trinity has been an educator for the past 17 years and currently serves as the principal at North Eugene High school. She has been at North Eugene for the past 6 years – as principal for the last three and assistant principal for the three years before that. Prior to coming to Eugene, Trinity worked in the Corvallis School District both as a teacher and assistant principal. Growing up in Prineville, Trinity is thrilled to again serve a smaller community, specifically at Willamette High. 

Logan Grasseth – Prairie Mountain Interim Principal 

Logan Grasseth, Bethel’s current Student Services Assistant Director, will be stepping in as interim principal of Prairie Mountain this fall, until Jaime Noack returns from leave. 

Logan brings with him a deep understanding of the Bethel District, as he has served as the district’s Assistant Director of Student Services for the past two years. Before that, Logan was an assistant principal at Cascade Middle School, as well as a Special Education teacher in our district for many years. Logan is a kind and compassionate leader who will fit right in with Prairie Mountain staff and students. 

Statement from Logan Grasseth:

“It is with great honor and excitement that I get to serve as the interim principal at Prairie Mountain. Prairie Mountain is surrounded by a robust and vibrant community of staff, students, and families, all of whom go above and beyond for our students. I look forward to supporting Prairie Mountain while continuing to create relevant, responsive, and joyful learning opportunities for our students.”