woman holding a sign that says racial justice

Racial Equity and the Social Justice Lens

We believe the district should adopt a student-centered, racial equity and social justice focused lens in all decisions.

We believe all students should have equitable access to enriched opportunities in school.

We believe we have a collective responsibility to ensure our schools provide a caring, supportive environment. School communities should support healthy, positive development of students and help them grow their unique gifts and talents.

We believe the district must work in aligned and coherent ways and in close partnerships with families and communities. We believe that communities, parents, teachers, and community-based organizations have unique and important solutions to improving outcomes for our students and educational systems. Our work will only be successful if we are able to truly partner with the community, engage with respect, authentically listen — and have the courage to share decision making, control, and resources.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned to effect change broadly across our community because of our role in educating and caring for 5,500 children every day. We believe in being courageous and bringing a sense of urgency to this important work.

We believe in setting measurable and audacious goals. Embedded in each goal is the provision of a culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy, with clearly defined racial equity and social justice based practices and curriculums.

We believe in accountability in all areas of school and student performance, including the areas of Racial Equity and Social Justice.

We believe that speaking a language other than English is an asset and that our education system must celebrate and enhance this ability alongside appropriate and culturally responsive support for English as a second language.

We believe students receiving special education services are an integral part of our educational responsibility and we must welcome the opportunity to be inclusive, make appropriate accommodations, and celebrate their assets.