Facility Rental

The Bethel School District facilities and buildings are owned, maintained, and supported by the public. The Board of Education actively seeks to promote and respond to the educational, recreational, civic, and cultural needs of its community through the total resources of the community schools. However, all school facilities have been primarily erected and maintained for the use of the students of Bethel Schools and shall not be used for another purpose that will conflict with that use (Board Policy ECAA).

The district requires at least a two-week notice and reserves the right to deny, move, cancel, and postpone any activity. Prices will vary depending on the requested space and what type of group and/or activity.

Facility Use Agreement

Need some space?

Please first contact the school you’d like to reserve space at to determine availability. Then, fill out the facilities use agreement linked below and provide it to the school you are hoping to rent. Please also send a copy of the completed facilities use agreement to Alisha Dodds at alisha.dodds@bethel.k12.or.us

Planning a large event or have other questions? Please contact Alisha Dodds at alisha.dodds@bethel.k12.or.us.