Communications Digest 10/14

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Message from Kraig:

Please send me dates/times for when I can come to your building to meet with your teachers and staff. Each meeting will be about 60 minutes and participation is optional. It would be great to have the meetings immediately before or after school.  If possible, I would like to get these scheduled this week and commit to meeting with each school in the next few weeks. Below is the email that I sent to WHS staff for our meeting on Wednesday afternoon. 

“This Wednesday afternoon from 1:00-2:00 in the WHS Lecture Hall I will be hosting a listening and learning session with WHS staff. I plan to hold a similar session at each school in the district to give me an opportunity to get to know our amazing educators and staff, hear about things that are working well this year, and better understand things that are difficult. I will not have a formal presentation, my goal will be to hear and understand your perspective. Participation is entirely optional and for those of you who are not able to attend, we will be distributing a survey to gather your input.”

Please respond: What are you doing with SIA money?

In an effort to showcase the the great things that are happening in Bethel schools each day (and get away from solely talking about COVID) I’d like to learn more about how each school is using their SIA dollars and share that out to the world. This project will also serve as a way to keep our board updated on SIA projects and will take the place of individual board reports from each school (at least for now). Please email me (Alisha) some ideas for this project and how we can make it happen!

Please share out with staff: Staff Affinity Groups

We are starting up our staff affinity group.  We will have our first meeting on Tuesday November 9th from 4-5 pm on Zoom.  The staff affinity group is for staff who identify as BIPOC staff (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and LGBTQ.  Please email Tina if you have questions or would like to attend.

Course Competencies or Student Competencies
We need to make a decision by October 15th on whether or not we are moving from course competencies to student competencies for our 4th and 5th grade report cards. Moving from course competencies to students competencies would essentially be to change our 4th and 5th grade report card to be just like the 2nd grade report card (attached to this email).  We thought that it would be important for you to understand the impacts on teachers and office staff if we do move in the direction of the 2nd grade report card for 4 & 5 (see below).    
Moving from Course Competency to Student Competency for grades 4 & 5
Impact to 4/5 Teachers:
  • No longer having to move through each class to add competency scores (see teacher grading process differences below in videos)
  • No longer able to add a comment (from comment table)  for the specific course, will only use an overall Fall, Winter and Spring free text comment for the student.
  • Teacher will add scores like a K-3 teacher:
  • K3 Teacher Student Competency Process (current)
  • 4/5 Teacher Course Competency Process (old)
Impact to Front Office Schedulers:
  • No longer having to create 13 more sections for each teacher in grades 4 & 5 (e.g., school has 4 teachers, 2 in grade 4, 2 in grade 5…scheduler would need a course for each power standard being graded on total of 13 * 4 = …52 courses total needing to be created)
  • No longer having to schedule 13 separate courses for students in grades 4 & 5 (managing students during the year, moving from one teacher to another, user needs to drop all and add new for the new teacher)
  • Will only need to process student competency for K-5; removes extra process for report cards for 4 & 5

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Parameters around field trips:

Due to COVID ruining everything and transportation being relatively scarce, very few field trips will likely be feasible UNLESS: They are outside AND do not interact with any other groups, cohorts, classes or non-district employees. Please reach out to your administrator with any questions.

Photo project !

A small group of very talented WHS photo students will be working to capture students and staff in our schools in an effort to capture some update photos of our student body and staff makeup. These photos will be used to update the photos that hang in the boardroom and district office, as well as used on the website. I’ll be seeking opportunities to welcome WHS students into our classrooms and fun activities to capture the awesome things happening! Please let me know what fun things are happening or when your teachers are working on an awesome lesson – we want to capture the magic that’s happening in Bethel!

Technology updates!

As you know We will be moving to passphrases in 2022 to help improve security. Here’s a comic that will help your staff understand the difference between a password and a passphrase. Want to know more? Check out these links:


Clever badge sign in is rolling out to the K-8 and Elementary schools. 

We received a lot of feedback that a barrier to instruction is getting signed into the chromebook. We heard you and we are updating our systems. Now students will be able to sign in with the ease of waving their Clever badge in front of their webcam. Prairie Mountain and Fairfield rolled out this week and IT will be rolling the feature out to more schools next week. By clicking the next button (as shown below) and waving your clever badge in front of the webcam students will be able to login. Want to know more? Click here: Clever Badge Chromebook Login

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AD council: 3:30 to 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 14

Elementary Sub Council: 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Secondary Sub Council: 8:30 AM – 10:10 AM

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