Communication Digest: 2.4.21

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Per the RSSL Guidance, Districts are required to “create a simple process that allows for named and anonymous sharing of concerns that can be reviewed on a daily and weekly basis by the designated RSSL building point-person. Example: Anonymous survey form or suggestion box where at least weekly submissions and resolutions are shared in some format,” (p.20).

  • With some feedback from a few administrators, we have developed this google form for people to share concerns about health and safety protocols.
  • The point person for each building and I will receive the form when it is submitted. Regina will place a link to the “COVID Safety Form” on your websites and the District website.
  • With forms, we have the ability to export the submitted information and make the “submissions and resolutions” available on websites.
  • If I am reading the guidance correctly, the submissions and resolutions should be updated weekly.
  • We will translate the form into Spanish and also communicate that paper copies of the form are available in offices.

We will have this form linked and available by early next week. Please contact Remie with questions or feedback.

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February 4 – EEA Bargaining

February 5 – Superintendent Application Deadline

February 5 – Elementary Principal Work Session

February 5 & 6 – Vaccination Clinic at WHS

February 8 – School Board Meeting

February 9 – Secondary Sub-Council

February 11 – Ad Council

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Dress Code Optional

Sorry, I can’t get enough of this talent. Watch closely; Chez Mezerg is playing different beats on four different pedals at once.

In other news, I’m now proficient at downloading a podcast.

Just sayin’…