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Clear Lake Families,

We are very excited to welcome Kindergarten students back to Clear Lake for Hybrid instruction starting Monday, March 15th.  Cohort A of Kindergarten will be Monday and Tuesday and Cohort B will be Thursday and Friday.  For those Kindergarten students remaining in Online Instruction, you will start with your new teacher on March 15th as well. Clear Lake will welcome back students in grades 1-5 for Hybrid starting on Monday, March 29.

To prepare your child for returning to Clear Lake for Hybrid, please watch this VIDEO, which will introduce you and your student to some specifics about Hybrid at Clear Lake including arrival and dismissal.

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For Clear Lake Arrival-Dismissal Procedures click HERE

Clear Lake student arrival begins at 8:30 AM with school starting at 9:00 AM.

Please take time to watch the video above and also read the Clear Lake Arrival-Dismissal Procedures.  If you have any questions please give us a call at Clear Lake at (541) 689-0511.

Here again, are the links to our previous reopening videos in case you missed them.

Video 1
Video 2

Communication of COVID Cases

You need to know what communication to expect from Clear Lake and the school district if a person in our school community tests positive for COVID-19 during Hybrid instruction. Click here for the details.

We can’t wait to see our Kindergarten students!

-Evan Rindy