Communications Digest


Communication Digest: 1.28.21

You are going to LOVE this week's me on this one.
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Communication Digest: 1.21.21

I MUST be missing something. All we have in this week's CD are blog posts that need your attention now, calendar reminders, a good two minute FUN item, and a peaceful transition of power (wait...that was unrelated to the CD.) FYI, if you want an image to use with the WHS Theater Program blog post,...
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Communication Digest 1.14.21

We managed to find something for the FUN category. Be sure to check the entire CD first. Pat M
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Communication Digest 1.7.21

After yesterday you're thinking, "What could possibly happen today?" The CD, that's what! Check the blog posts, please...and enjoy the FUN video. Pat M
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Communication Digest 12.17.20

This is the last CD of 2020...I think. If not, celebrate as if it is. Pat M
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Communication Digest: 12.10.20

It's back! The Communication Digest has been resurrected! You will find some reminders, some blog posts, a reminder calendar, and kids that will leave you amazed. Pat M
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