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Communication Digest: 5.27.21

A couple of important things for you right away: the blog post about the mask changes, and the To Do item. Also, please consider volunteering just a couple of hours for the BEF. And...the FUN item is short, but count how many times you say "wow" out loud.
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Communication Digest: 5.20.21

The CD has the follow-up blog post for the Summer Enrichment Camps (No, the enrichment camps have nothing to do with Bitcoin...not THAT kind of enrichment.) The link to Register for the camps is not yet ready, so hold off on the blog post until we let you know. And, take a look at the...
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Communication Digest: 5.13.21

Here's a special Thursday mid-morning edition of the Communication Digest. This one includes some info to share with staff and a FUN item that could be a number on the Blob Tree.
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Communication Digest: 5.6.21

Check out the CD now...there's a blog post that is time-sensitive. And...some random knowledge is there so you can say you learned something new today.
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Communication Digest: 4.29.21

The CD is back, and please check it out ASAP. This one contains an important prompt for you to create a message for your staff. There are also a handful of timely blog posts, and a FUN video that will get you thinking about how you can use it with your students.
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Communication Digest: 3.11.21

Another light CD...because you might have other tasks at hand. But, you'll want to see the FUN section again. Your vote is needed. Pat M
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