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Infant Toddler Center

Little Wolverines Preschool

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Welcome to Bethel’s high-quality early childhood programs, located on the Willamette High School campus.

The Willamette Infant Toddler Center (ITC) & Little Wolverines Preschool/Child Care Center believe child care can and should be an opportunity for education, with children learning their best through play, interactions and experiences.

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The ITC is open to infants ages 6 weeks-24 months and toddlers 24-36 months who are children of current Bethel School District employees, current Willamette students and from the public at-large.

The Little Wolverines preschool program welcomes children from the public at-large who are ages 3-5 years old.

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Tuition Information

Bethel School District has been able to minimize costs while providing very high quality and caring programs. The rates are competitive and in many cases more affordable than other local programs.

Click here for our rate schedule.


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4 Star Rating!

The ITC was one of the first centers to participate in Oregon’s Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) and received a 4 Star rating, indicating the ITC program exceeds essential standards that support quality early learning for all children.


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Hours of Operation

We are open 7:30am to 4:30pm.





Our Approach to Early Education

  • Our staff values, honors and respects the diversity and developmental differences in all children.
  • We foster learning through a data-proven, play-oriented approach.
  • It is our desire to meet each child where they are in their life’s journey and to add rich and meaningful experiences during their time with us.

The professional educators in the ITC and Little Wolverines programs provide opportunities for affectionate, nurturing, stimulating, and age-appropriate activities.

Through developmental screening, evaluations, daily observations, and parent/family input we build the foundation for developing individual and group activities for children. We believe that all children should be allowed to develop and grow at their own pace.

The ITC and Little Wolverines programs foster an environment where children can succeed and where parents and staff work together to provide the very best experiences for their children.

Bethel School District

Quality and Caring Programs

  • Small Groups: ITCOur teacher/child ratio exceeds the state requirement. Our ITC child to teacher ratio is 8:2, with no more than 8 children in a group. Our preschool child to teacher ratio is 10:1, with no more than 18 children in a group.
  • Focus on Individual NeedsPositive learning experiences are appropriate to the individual developmental needs of each child.
  • Education through RoutineStaff use daily routines (meals, diapering, hand washing, etc.) as opportunities to develop children’s language and self esteem
  • Baby ScheduleChildren under 12 months will be allowed to follow their own eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Child ChoiceChildren are presented with plenty of open choice times.
  • USDA Civil Rights Statement - English
  • Declaración de derechos civiles del USDA - Español
  • USDA informationFree language assistance, auxiliary aids, and/or accommodations are available upon request. Please contact Cindy Montgomery at 541-461-6401 x4118

Healthy Meals

Eat and Learn

Physical Wellness

Dance Moves!

Children are served breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack free of charge. (Similac and Similac Sensitive formula is offered free of charge for bottle-fed infants.) 

ITC and Little Wolverines participate in the USDA food program and follow federal guidelines for healthy, nutritious meals provided in the recommended serving sizes for infants and toddlers and preschoolers. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

To foster independence, our preschoolers learn how to serve themselves at each meal.

Our facility includes a fenced-in play yard, providing opportunities for plenty of outside time.

ITC also has access to the artificial turf athletic field, gyms, track, tennis courts, and baseball fields on the Willamette campus.

Music and movement is a highly anticipated part of the day.

For information about immunizations, please click here.


Please contact us!
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Infant Toddler Center and Little Wolverine Preschool Director

Cindy Montgomery
541.689.0731 Ext. 4118