April 1, 2022


Autism acceptance infinity rainbow and Bethel School District logo

Autism Acceptance Month

APRIL IS AUTISM ACCEPTANCE MONTH! Autism Acceptance over Awareness The goal of Autism Acceptance Month is to be more inclusive of the very community it seeks to celebrate. It promotes not just education about the differences of people with autism, but understanding and respecting those differences. It calls for more tangible progress toward equal rights...
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The Countdown Has Begun

It is only a matter of weeks until Bethel’s new schools open up to students. And there was a milestone event that took place at the very top of one school. Construction project manager Pat Bradshaw takes you there.
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Promises Made, Promises Kept

Bethel School District has lived up to its word. The district promised frugal use of taxpayer dollars to build attractive, efficient, long-lasting and effective places for kids to learn, and that is what is being delivered. After more than a year of construction Bethel’s new school buildings are ready for students. Ribbon-cutting celebrations are scheduled...
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Construction Nears An End

The work that began in Bethel a year and a half ago is nearly complete. School building projects at Willamette, Malabon and Fairfield are wrapping up. Project Manager Pat Bradshaw has the latest.
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Security Update

An extra measure of safety is now visible at Willamette, Shasta, and Irving schools. A six foot powder-coated fence is in place at each school to better secure each campus. At Danebo Elementary the open breezeways are being closed off with a wall and lockable doors. That will stop the free flow of foot traffic...
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