Bethel School District

Eugene, Oregon USA

From The Bethel Farm To Bethel School Meals

Here is a small sample of the veggies harvested from the Bethel Farm that will be in all Bethel cafeteria salad bars the first week of school.

All Bethel students will be served fresh and tasty produce during the first week of school, and it’s straight from the Bethel Farm.

Harvesting at the Bethel Farm (located between Prairie Mountain and Kalapuya schools) has collected more than 100 pounds of red and green peppers, 240 cucumbers, 175 slicer tomatoes and 168 pints of cherry tomatoes.

It will all go straight to the salad bars at every Bethel school.

This continues the district’s tradition of being a clear leader in serving locally grown, fresh, and healthy foods in school meals.


Update: Smoke Keeps Bethel Students Indoors

Smoke in the air from Oregon wildfires will keep all Bethel students indoors on the first day of school Tuesday.

The school district will follow these guidelines shared by the Lane Regional Air Protection Authority (LRAPA):

LRAPA monitors the current air quality on an hourly basis on this web page, and Bethel School District will be checking the current air quality index regularly.

In addition, Bethel district nurses have a list of those students with pre-existing conditions who might be especially impacted by poor air quality, so even if the conditions improve slightly those students may be kept indoors for their own protection.

As always, parents need to make the final decision on whether to send their children to school.



Teachers Return, Ready To Welcome Students

Willamette teachers get right to work preparing for the 2017-18 school year.

Bethel teachers are back on the job preparing for the first day of school next week.

Training on new curriculum, setting goals, preparing classrooms, and lots of planning are on their schedules.

Beyond the in-school team meetings are district-wide trainings and planning for Proficiency Teaching and Learning, Title I, English Language Development, and Special Education.

Bethel’s new teachers got a jump-start, spending all last week in extra training.

Schools will also host Meet the Teacher events, giving parents and students a chance to be re-introduced to school before the first day, Tuesday, September 5th.

Bethel Restores Two Days To School Year

There’s good news as the school year approaches; Bethel is restoring two days to the end of the school calendar that had been designated as Budget Reduction Days.

The District was able to restore those days next June thanks to slight underspending at the end of the last school year, and slight increases in expected revenue.

This leaves 3 Budget Reduction Days on the calendar, necessary in order to balance the budget:\

  • October 13 (a Teacher Inservice Day when students wouldn’t attend anyway)
  •  November 22 (day before Thanksgiving holiday)
  • June 18

A revised school year calendar will be voted on by the School Board on August 28.