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The Countdown Has Begun

It is only a matter of weeks until Bethel’s new schools open up to students. And there was a milestone event that took place at the very top of one school. Construction project manager Pat Bradshaw takes you there.

4 Responses to The Countdown Has Begun

  • So exciting!

  • When I saw the falcon on top of the school it gave me goose bumps. You can even see it at night. What a wonderful piece of art for the school. Oh, and the school looks fantastic.

  • Wow! That almost brought tears to my eyes. Beautiul new schools. I have a long history with Fairfield, being in the first class to go from 1st to 6th grades, and then teaching there for 23 years. Then I taught at Malabon for 9 years. Of course, I am a Willamette Grad, so it is bittersweet to see the old disappearing and the beautiful, new schools coming to fruition.

  • Drove by in the end of July or first week of August with my daughter (who attended Fairfield kindergarten last year and will be in the First Grade for the debut of the new school). She saw that big, beautiful Falcon gleaming in the sunlight and said “Daddy, that’s a Falcon and he’s awesome!” She’s excited about her brand new school and looking forward to the school year.

    It was hard to watch the demolition of the old school, but understandable due to what was probably an asbestos challenge coupled with the high cost of maintaining an old building.

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