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Eugene, Oregon USA

Bethel Essentials Drive Friday

Here’s one way we can donate and help our neighbors during COVID-19. Bethel School District is teaming with the Bethel Education Foundation and the Kendall Automotive Group to stage an Essentials Drive this Friday, 10:00-2:00 at Willamette High School.

Your donations of laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, diapers, non-perishable food, toilet paper, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, toiletries, etc., will be collected and later distributed to Bethel families.

In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, volunteers will be accepting donations in the Willamette parking lot without the need for drivers to get out of their cars.

For more information, contact the Bethel School District Administration office at 541-689-3280.

Aquí hay una manera en que podemos ayudar a nuestros vecinos durante COVID-19. El Distrito Escolar de Bethel se está asociando con la Fundación de Educación Bethel y el Kendall Automotive Group para organizar Essentials Drive este viernes, 10: 00-2: 00 en escuela secundaria de Willamette.

Se recogerán detergentes para Continue reading

Message From District Leaders

There have been many times when communities across our nation have taken to the streets in protest of the death of a Black person. As a nation, we find ourselves here again. We have been deeply, deeply troubled by the events of the last week. The recent deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia are appalling. The grief, anger, frustration and fear expressed by members of the Black community – both nationwide and in the greater Eugene area – is very real and terribly painful.

As a school district, Bethel has been and remains dedicated to standing with the students and families of our Black and Brown communities. Even while our school buildings are closed, we seek to continue providing support and resources to our families.

But, we know we must do more. As part of the greater community that cares deeply about our students and families, it is our responsibility to speak up against bigotry, and to teach compassion and make changes when we see inequities within our system. We will continue to learn together and commit to improving the lives and experiences of the students we serve. These are values on which we can all agree, and on which we can all improve.

We are personally committing to being a part of the solution rather than ignoring and perpetuating the problem. We can grow and learn together and work to create a better community for everyone.

Paul Jorgensen                                                             Chris Parra         
Chair, Bethel School Board                                           Superintendent, Bethel School District


Ha habido muchas ocasiones en que las comunidades de nuestra nación han salido a las calles en protesta por la muerte de una persona negra. Como nación, nos encontramos aquí nuevamente. Hemos estado profundamente preocupados por los acontecimientos de la última semana. Las muertes recientes de George Floyd en Minneapolis y Ahmaud Arbery en Georgia son espantosas. El dolor, la ira, la frustración y el miedo expresados ​​por los miembros de la comunidad negra, tanto a nivel nacional como en el área metropolitana de Eugene, son muy reales y terriblemente dolorosos.

Cómo distrito escolar, Bethel ha estado y sigue dedicado a apoyar a los estudiantes y las familias de nuestras comunidades negras y marrones. Incluso mientras nuestros edificios escolares están cerrados, buscamos continuar brindando apoyo y recursos a nuestras familias.

Pero sabemos que debemos hacer más. Como parte de la gran comunidad que se preocupa profundamente por nuestros estudiantes y familias, es nuestra responsabilidad hablar en contra de la intolerancia y enseñar compasión y hacer cambios cuando vemos desigualdades dentro de nuestro sistema. Continuaremos aprendiendo juntos y comprometiéndonos a mejorar las vidas y las experiencias de los estudiantes a los que servimos. Estos son valores en los que todos podemos estar de acuerdo, y en los que todos podemos mejorar.

Nos comprometemos personalmente a ser parte de la solución en lugar de ignorar y perpetuar el problema. Podemos crecer y aprender juntos y trabajar para crear una mejor comunidad para todos.

Paul Jorgensen                                           Chris Parra         
Presidente, de la Junta Directiva                Superintendente Bethel, Distrito Escolar de Bethel

District Plans Furlough Days

Due to the statewide economic impact of the COVID-19 closures in Oregon, school districts across the state have been asked to prepare for significant budget shortfalls. The Governor has ordered what amounts to a 17% funding reduction to state agencies, meaning Bethel School District faces the possibility of a $6.5 million dollar budget cut.  

In response, starting this week all Bethel staff will be furloughed one day each week through June. This could save close to $1 million that will be used next school year, helping to protect instructional days and staff positions.

Students should not notice significant changes in their Distance Learning routine due to the furlough days, which for most staff are on Fridays. Teachers have been using multiple Zoom meetings, Google Classroom, and individual phone calls to students. They will now condense their schedules and reduce the amount and length of staff meetings because of the four-day work week.

The furlough amounts to a 20% reduction in the work week and, through Oregon’s Work Share program, makes Bethel staff eligible for unemployment and federal CARES Act funds.

Irving Teacher Named Regional Teacher of the Year

Her ability to connect with students and families is one reason Nicole Butler is Oregon’s Regional Teacher of the Year.

Nicole Butler, 2nd grade teacher at Irving Elementary, has been named the Oregon Regional Teacher of the Year. Nicole receives a $500 award and is automatically nominated for the honor of 2021 Oregon Teacher of the Year, to be announced this fall.

Now completing her 14th year in Bethel School District – all of them at Irving – Nicole has been recognized for her commitment to building relationships with students and families, and leading on culturally responsive teaching in her classroom and school.

The award was revealed at a brief morning online staff meeting, during which a surprised Nicole thanked all her co-workers for their support and the work they do with Irving children.

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