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                        At Bethel we are super excited to have our students back this week. It has been a busy summer with teachers studying new curriculum in reading, English language arts, and math that they selected over the last school year. Teachers have also been developing new […]

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Teachers Return For New School Year

Prairie Mountain will welcome 14 new teachers to the building. All Bethel teachers are using this week to prepare for the coming school year.

Prairie Mountain welcomes 14 new teachers to the school with team-building activities. All Bethel teachers are using this week to prepare for the coming school year.

The clock is ticking before the start of the 2014-15 school year, and Bethel’s teachers are wasting no time getting ready.

Along with getting to know new staff members and preparing their classrooms for the arrival of students, Bethel teachers are preparing to introduce brand new curriculum for English language arts and math.

They will also be using new technology, getting ready for new state standards of what students must learn, and using new evaluation and goal-setting procedures. This is in addition to reviewing school safety procedures, improving classroom management practices, and honing the many other skills expected of teachers.

The first day of school for Bethel students is Tuesday, September 2nd, with Willamette’s first day for all students September 4th.

Registration Underway For 2014-15 School Year

Principal Jennifer Haliski answers a parent question during Prairie Mountain's registration.

Principal Jennifer Haliski answers a parent question during Prairie Mountain’s registration.

Parents of Bethel students are encouraged to register their students now for the coming school year.

Click here for your school’s registration days and times.

Even those who pre-registered in the spring need to complete the registration process so all students are fully prepared for the start of school.

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 2nd, the day after Labor Day.

Click here for Bethel’s full year calendar.

Sprinter Represents Bethel At Nationals


Victory in the 200m at the Hershey State Track Meet earned Ashley Hart a trip to the North American Championships in Pennsylvania.

Just for fun Ashley Hart joined the Irving Elementary track team this past spring. Now it led her all the way to the Hershey North American Track Championships in Pennsylvania.

It turns out that Ashley is faster than girls her age from Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, British Columbia and – yes – even the Yukon Territory.

The Irving 5th grader-to-be won the 200 meters at the state meet. She figured that was the end to the track season, until the state director recently called to say her time in the 200m was the fastest in the region and that they’d fly her to Pennsylvania to compete at nationals.

So, Ashley took to the track at the Hershey meet and – in only the third 200m race she’s ever run – finished 7th in North America!

After a memorable trip across the country, now it’s time for Ashley to think about soccer season.

Willamette Grad Testifies Before Congress

2014 Willamette grad Amber Lee shares her story with members of the Senate Finance Committee.

2014 Willamette grad Amber Lee shares her story with members of the Senate Finance Committee.

Just a few weeks ago Amber Lee was performing a song at her graduation ceremony at Willamette High School. It’s been a whirlwind since then.

At the invitation of Senator Ron Wyden, Amber was flown to Washington, D.C. (her first time aboard a plane) to testify before the Senate Finance Committee about the severe challenges facing low-income students interested in attending college.

See her moving testimony here.

She’ll receive state and federal financial aid and some scholarship support, but Amber still needs to come up with more than $14,000 just for her freshman year at Portland State on her way to becoming a physician.

Amber hopes her testimony before the Senate committee helps bring about legislative change to assist deserving students who cannot afford college.

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