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Teachers Go Back To School

Bethel teachers work through the new Math curriculum as part of their inservice day.

Bethel teachers work through the new Math curriculum as part of their inservice day.

New curriculum isn’t easy to introduce, so Bethel’s elementary and middle school teachers became students during an inservice day.

All Bethel schools are working with new curriculum in math and English language arts (Reading), which is long overdue. But using that curriculum in the best way possible is a real challenge, especially in two subjects at once.

Teachers already had initial training before the school year started, but this deeper training is intended to help them be even more proficient with the new material.

Educators also had an opportunity to learn from their grade level peers, getting tips on what works best in the classroom.

The next inservice day in October will be for district-wide school safety training.

Restart For Head Start

Preparation continues in a room at Clear Lake for a new Head Start program.

Last-minute preparation continues in a room at Clear Lake for the opening of a new Head Start program.

What was lost has been restored.

A second Bethel Head Start program is about to open, two years after a Head Start location at Willamette was closed due to federal budget cuts.

The new Head Start classes will be held at Clear Lake Elementary for 36 pre-schoolers – 18 in the morning and another 18 in the afternoon.

Head Start is a federally-funded early childhood education, health, nutrition and parent involvement program for low-income families.

The new Clear Lake location complements the Head Start site next to Fairfield school, which also serves Bethel-area 3 and 4 year olds.

School Underway in Bethel


Kelly Josh and Sonja Greenamyer greet students at Danebo Elementary on the first day of school.

Wide-eyed five year olds and self-assured returning students are filling Bethel schools to begin the 2014-15 school year.

They will take part in a longer school year, one that will introduce new curriculum for math and English language arts.

Teachers are also ready with new technology, and many classrooms are brightened with new paint and carpet.

Kids at Fairfield and Malabon can watch their new schools being built, and Willamette students will mark the progress on a new science wing under construction.

Teachers Return For New School Year

Prairie Mountain will welcome 14 new teachers to the building. All Bethel teachers are using this week to prepare for the coming school year.

Prairie Mountain welcomes 14 new teachers to the school with team-building activities. All Bethel teachers are using this week to prepare for the coming school year.

The clock is ticking before the start of the 2014-15 school year, and Bethel’s teachers are wasting no time getting ready.

Along with getting to know new staff members and preparing their classrooms for the arrival of students, Bethel teachers are preparing to introduce brand new curriculum for English language arts and math.

They will also be using new technology, getting ready for new state standards of what students must learn, and using new evaluation and goal-setting procedures. This is in addition to reviewing school safety procedures, improving classroom management practices, and honing the many other skills expected of teachers.

The first day of school for Bethel students is Tuesday, September 2nd, with Willamette’s first day for all students September 4th.

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