communications digest


Communications Digest 10/21

Please respond: What are you doing with SIA money? In an effort to showcase the the great things that are happening in Bethel schools each day (and get away from solely talking about COVID) I’d like to learn more about how each school is using their SIA dollars and share that out to the world....
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Communications Digest 10/14

Message from Kraig: Please send me dates/times for when I can come to your building to meet with your teachers and staff. Each meeting will be about 60 minutes and participation is optional. It would be great to have the meetings immediately before or after school.  If possible, I would like to get these scheduled...
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Communications Digest 10/7

The communications digest is BACK! And this version is packed with information so buckle up. As always, please let me know how I can make this more useful for you all. Communicating about quarantine, exclusions and isolation – Please review and share necessary pieces with staff. Great job making it through the first few weeks...
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